>>>What Items Should You Keep When Downsizing Your Home?

What Items Should You Keep When Downsizing Your Home?

Decluttering is one of the major tasks one has to endure when it’s time to downsize. It can go both ways – easy and fast or tiresome and bothersome. Depending on your approach into the matter, the boxing and sealing of your things must come to order. You’d also want to put into your list the process of selling your home too. can you sell a house as-is

You’d normally want to visualize yourself decorating the new home, or organizing the stuff that you will be bringing in so you would have an idea which items should be packed together. However, in this post, the focus isn’t about imagery and homey feels, this is about finding space for the items that you should be bringing in with you.

Allocating Space For The Items With The Most Value

According to Laura Williams, the woman behind the GirlsGoneSporty website, “The key to downsizing is to purge your life of the things you don’t need without getting rid of the things you do need. Downsizing effectively comes down to time and thoughtful consideration. If you’re short on time, or if you’re not thinking about the end result, you’ll end up making mistakes.

Downsizing into smaller house requires a lot of thinking so you don’t end up throwing important things. Now, consider sorting through these items first to determine which stays and which goes.

Important Papers. Your full stash of papers may need to go, but not all of them. All types of bills, especially those that can be converted into paperless billing can go to the trash (unless it holds a sentimental value). What to keep are: birth records, marriage licenses, social security cards, medical records, passports, property deeds, investment records, vehicle titles, pension plan documents, diplomas, and military service records.

Electronics. Be sure to completely wipe out all your personal information in these devices before you decide to throw them away. For safety reasons, take the time to clear all their personal information, if can’t just yet, take them with you.

Collections. You obviously took the time to collect these items, either as souvenirs, memorabilia, or due to its monetary value. Try to choose your top three (or five) most favorite and most valued above all the rest. It’s better to display them and enjoy a few than have them boxed away and eat up precious storage space.

Fine Jewelry. These fine jewelries that are still in their original boxes are a must-keep. The original box will give it more value when you plan to resell and it keeps the jewelry in mint condition.

Emergency Supplies. A radio, extra cellphone batteries, extra phone, flashlight, preserved food packs, and first aid kits should all be easily accessible to you when you move. You;ll never know when an accident can happen. And if you don’t have emergency supplies yet, now is the best time to prepare them.

Kitchen and Bathroom Supplies. Bring the most basic needs, the supplies you would use on a daily basis – pots, pans, a quality chef’s knife, spatula, blender, sheets and towels. You can leave the duplicates behind.

Medication and Toiletries. Medications can be quite expensive, especially you take some daily. Be sure to zip the medicines together and keep them close to you at all times. Your toiletries are important as well for hygiene and sanitation.

What To Keep When Downsizing Your Home

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