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Stop Termite Invasion To Prevent Extensive Repair | Sell Any House

Spring is the season when all life forms frozen by ice due to the cold weather starts to blossom and become active once again. While this is the best time to snap photos of gardens and natural parks coming to life with vibrant colors, it is also the time for pests and insects to breed and build colonies. Unlike bees that help in pollination, termites are unwanted visitors that none of us would want any traces in our homes.

Termites are silent workers, working together in colonies, feeding their bellies with nothing but wood and rotten organic matter. And when a group of termites make its way to your house unnoticed, the damage it can cause may be too disastrous and too deep before its presence is detected.

6 Ways To Prevent Termite Damage

we buy house San Antonio TXAccording to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), “Subterranean termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage to structures in the United States every year. While effective post-construction termite control treatments can be made, the vast majority of these treatments take place after damage has already occurred.

Prevention is better than cure. This saying doesn’t apply on medical conditions only, it also applies to termite invasion in homes. By keeping these pests out of our property, we can surely avoid spending a lot on extensive repairs due to pest infestation.

Regular home checkup. Regular inspection of any type or form of pest infestation is the first step to keep termites away from our property. Hire a professional to thoroughly inspect your house. If you are in the process of buying a new home, have it checked for pest invasion as well, just to be safe. Find out the signs that show your house is infested by reading this post.

Keep it moisture-free. These pests are highly dependent on sources of water for survival, therefore, moist wood is there most favorite snack. Make sure there are no leaking or broken pipes in any part of your home. This is usually what allows termites to thrive and invade.

Use treated wood. Chemically treated wood helps reduce termite infestation. For new construction, treated wood should be used inside the house and the exterior structures. Elevate outdoor decks and other wooden structures to prevent soil moisture from seeping in.

Repair holes. Termites are small and sneaky. If it finds an opening anywhere in the house, there is no stopping it from entering your property. Block and fix those holes, don’t give it a free pass.

Avoid storing wood. Wooden materials stored and laid out in the open susceptible to rain and soil moisture is an appetizing treat for termites and other pests. Their devouring skills can beat any man with a voracious appetite. If there is a need to store wood, store it at a safe distance and inside an enclosed location.

How To Prevent Termite Invasion In Your Home

Adequate ventilation helps. Good air circulation reduces moisture buildup and humidity required by termites to survive. It keeps the surrounding air dry and will definitely help in keeping termites away.

There is no denying that when termite infestation is too deep rooted, treating the house may not be enough. And too much damage could result to extensive repairs which is costly and stressful. Sell Any House has dealt with homeowners who had given up on a house that requires extensive renovation. Aside from the amount of money it requires, there is really no guarantee that there won’t be any repairs needed in the coming years, which gets more extensive and expensive. We buy houses San Antonio TX to offer ease and convenience to families who want to a fast home selling process.

Trust that we buy houses with your best interest in mind. We only provide fair cash offer when we buy houses fast. We promise to help, in whichever way we can.

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