>Coffee Madness Made Light When In San Antnio Texas
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Coffee Madness Made Light When In San Antonio Texas

You drink coffee to fully wake your senses in the morning before starting a busy day ahead, or keep your eyes open for just a few more additional hours when you’re almost done with a report by the end of your shift. Meeting and chatting with friends can stretch for hours while seated around a table with a cup or two. You can stay cocooned inside your home with a hot cup while you stare out into the sky while rain drip endlessly outside your window.

There is so much you can do with just a cup of this bitter yet savory overpowering goodness. In San Antonio, you can find a variety of coffeehouses that will surely suit your preference and unique taste buds.

Find The Perfect New Spot

San Antonio TexasOut of the tea houses and cafes you have visited, there is surely one or more places that have become a perfect spot for you to spend some of your free time. Find out if one place is our list is one of your favorites.

MadHatters Tea House & Cafe

If you haven’t been to this place while you’re in San Antonio Texas, then their treat will excite you. The cafe offers two main must try’s:

The Extensive Tea Selection – MadHatters has a variety of teas to choose from. White, black, red, green, oolong, herbal: just take your pick. They take pride in offering certified kosher, gluten-green, organic, free fair trade and non-GMO tea options.

Delectable Desserts – Cakes, cookies, pies, scones, and so much more. Customers are offered plenty of options to satisfy their sweet tooth. The pastries are freshly prepared by The Ultimate Cheesecake, a local family owned and operated bakery that has served San Antonio for over 30 years.


Halcyon (pronounced as hal-see-yon) is an adjective which translates to carefree, untroubled, peaceful, and prosperous. This place in San Antonio TX is a coffeehouse by day and, a bar and lounge by night for relaxation and enjoyment. As branded in their website, they cater to almost anything:

  • Your favorite place to chill, hang out, meet-up with friends.
  • Roasting marshmallows while sipping on a Chocolate Espresso Martini.
  • Updating your Facebook profile with a bottle of wine.
  • Savoring the perfect cappuccino day or night.
  • Peopling watching on the porch with a cigar and scotch.
  • A romantic late night cup and Nutella crepe with your partner.
  • Happy hour with friends in a comfy Halcyon couch.
  • A quick turkey brie panini or gourmet salad meal.
  • Dropping by for Live Jazz.
  • Sunday brunch with family or friends.

San Antonio coffee & cars 2016

White Elephant Coffee

White Elephant Coffee (WE Coffee Company) is an artisanal coffee roaster and cafe dedicated to offering coffees that will satisfy cravings and excite all kinds of coffee enthusiasts. Primarily, this place is a coffeehouse serving different types of drinks, from expresso, cold brew, beaker brew to elephant waters, organic rishi, and cat spring tea. You will surely have a good time trying out their variety of servings.

The company is also a roasted beans wholesale seller. WE aim to compliment the powdered beans’ individual characteristic through expert roasting and brewing. They offer wholesale coffee to restaurants, cafes, and other related business at volume and membership discounted prices.

Visit this page to find more of these gems Texas!

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