>>Top 4 Screening Methods To Find The Perfect Tenant

Top 4 Screening Methods To Find The Perfect Tenant

With a good tenant, landlords are able to sleep tight knowing that the rent gets paid and the property will stay relatively undamaged. But with a bad tenant, on the other hand, it’s a constant wonder whether the property will stay intact and unscathed throughout the agreement.

The problem is that a prospective lessee can act like they’ll be the best tenant in the world during the initial screening process. And there are landlords who have termed their horrible experiences with bad renters as ‘tenants from hell horror stories’. This is why finding the right candidate is equally important as getting rent payments every month.

we buy ugly housesHow To Screen The Ideal Renter

Worst case when the property is damaged, irreparable and unlivable, it becomes an ugly house. The owner is put into a situation where they either tackle the expensive repair work or look for a ‘we buy ugly houses’ company to completely rid themselves of the problem.

Fortunately, the screening process gives you a chance to weed out the good from the bad ones.

#1 Start with a comprehensive screening process.

Sit down and take the time to put together a complete screening process. Write it down and include all the things that you expect from your future leaser. Ask about their reason for leaving their former house or apartment. Get access to financial information including their current job status and bank accounts. Think about the minimum criteria you would expect in a tenant to ensure the screening success.

#2 Explain your lease terms before anything else.

One of the many things you should mention is the leasing terms. If the potential renter feels uncomfortable with your deposit or monthly payment requirements, telling them your term upfront will give them the chance to back out even before either of you invests time and effort on the property. It’s best to make sure that the applicant understands exactly what is being agreed upon.

#3 Be diligent on references and background checks.

Although it’s the most time consuming part in finding the right candidate, this is also the most vital part of choosing the right person. Contact employers and personal references and ask a few questions about the applicant’s attitude and character. This will enable you to quickly weed out applicants who used false references. Or, you might learn something pleasant and likeable which would make them the ideal tenant.

#4 Always follow the usual protocol. No shortcuts!

People can be charming and entertaining at the same time. It’s easy to take a shortcut while screening when you’ve got an incredibly likable applicant. No shortcuts, please! Resist the temptation to lease the property without following the usual protocol when an applicant impresses you. Based on some of the horror stories in the link above, some of it can just be an act. Someone who appears nice and friendly might have a record of skipping on rent or insensitive use of your property.

Top 4 Screening Methods To Find The Perfect Tenant

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

The screening process can be a tough job, but it will help ensure that your rentals stay clear from non-paying, uncaring lessees.

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