>>Hurricane Harvey: What Can You Do To Help?

Hurricane Harvey: What Can You Do To Help?

Hurricane Harvey has brought catastrophe to the coasts of Texas. The category 4 hurricane brought with it heavy rains which flooded homes and businesses that resulted to massive property damages and losses. Displaced families are now huddled in relief and rescue centers.

Now a Tropical Storm, Harvey continues to dump water into the coastal cities of Texas, and the Houston areas. As the devastation continues, more families are in danger of losing their homes and businesses alike. Houston is the fourth most populous area in the country with over 2 million residents; while 6.7 million residents live in the metropolitan area. For a region that covers 9,444 square miles of land, the total damage is now in the billions.

Sell Any House San AntonioYet the tropical storm is not punishing the eastern side of Texas. More people are now stranded in their own homes as flooding rises. The latest trashing of the storm is now forcing evacuation of centers of refuge and emergency shelters where residents had sought refuge.

Port Arthur Mayor Derrick Freeman posted on Facebook on Wednesday, “Our whole city is underwater right now but we are coming! If you called, we are coming. Please get to higher ground if you can, but please try (to) stay out of attics.

In total, 28 deaths have been recorded in Texas related to Hurricane Harvey’s wrath and its aftermath. One of the fatalities was Sgt. Steve Perez, a police officer that has been in service for 34 years.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said, “The storm left record-setting rain in Harris County — which saw 19 deaths — before unleashing 15 inches in the Beaumont area.

The toll may continue to rise if the savagery of the storm continues. But efforts by the local government, the police department, and the rescue teams will help save more families stranded in their homes.


If you are planning on helping the affected residents but are unsure who to contact or where to send your help, consider checking out these tax-exempt charities now accepting donations for Harvey devastated areas.

The American Red Cross – To help, visit redcross.org, call 1- 800-RED CROSS or text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

The Global Giving – Visit their page or text or text HARVEY to 80100 to donate $10 to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

If you’re in Texas, you may find other solutions to help. With many other cities like San Antonio taking in refugees, you may be able to help your local community organizations with donations. Diapers, clothing, and other products are dearly needed!

Even the smallest amount can help tremendously. Send in your donations today!

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