>>>Top 4 Tips For Changing Your Address When Relocating

Top 4 Tips For Changing Your Address When Relocating

Moving into your new home can be a huge undertaking. What do you keep and pack, what do you sell or throw? You have to find a moving company or rent a truck and ask some friends to help out. It’s also time to return the things you borrowed from your neighbors as well as retrieve those that were borrowed from you. Then, you’ll have to decide where and how to start packing.

While many things happen at the same time as you move things around to prepare for your relocation, changing your address may not be at the top of your priority checklist. Although it may seem like a minor task, it’s important to help keep your life running smoothly once you settle down in the new place.

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#1 Verify The Address

No one can miss this step, right? Well, don’t be too sure. With the chaos that comes with the moving and packing of things, not to mention the hectic schedule, mistakes can occur despite the amount of planning you’ve done. Verify the new address with the landlord or realtor. Don’t forget to double check the house number and the correct spelling of the street and city. This first step will help reduce errors and save you time.

#2 Let The Post Office Know

It’s important to update the address with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), and you can accomplish this three different ways:

  • Submit change via Internet. You will need a valid email address to receive the USPS confirmation of the change, and a debit or credit card. The post office electronically verifies the information you enter with the bank that issued the credit or debit card. The billing address must match the address you will be moving from or to.
  • Complete the change by phone. You can call the post office’s hotline – 1-800-ASK-USPS. The same identity verification is done when you call so be sure to have a credit or debit card with you.
  • Fill out Form 3575. This form is the official mail forwarding change of address order. It’s available in the the local post office or print it from the USPS website. Make sure to mail the form to the address on the card two weeks before moving. Expect a move validation letter to arrive at your old address. In addition, seven to 10 days after the COA effective date, a confirmation letter will be sent to your new address.

#3 List Down The People Moving In With You

When changing the address, it’s important to include the names of all the members of the household moving in with you. If you will only write down your name and your spouse, the other members of the household won’t receive their mail. There are different forms to fill out to accomplish this. Individual forms are used when some members of the family will stay behind or if you have different surnames. Family forms are used when it’s the entire family that’s moving to the new address.

#4 Make A List

Mail forwarding ensures that you continue to receive mail and gives you time to notify everyone that you’re moving. To be thorough, make a list of important people or businesses you need to notify. This includes:

  • Relatives and friends
  • Credit card companie
  • Utilities (gas, telephone, water, electricity)
  • Your employer
  • Government offices
  • Club group and associations
  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions

Additional businesses or agencies to notify:

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