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Finding A Likable Tenant | 7 Traits Landlords Want From Renters

Finding A Likable Tenant | 7 Traits Landlords Want From Renters

Dealing with people is a lot of work that requires dedication, patience…and a lot more patience. The same goes for landlords who have seen and have been dealing with all types of tenants – the good, the ideal, and the problematic. Most lessors hope for the best in every family who shows interest in renting their property and often hopes for the landlord/tenant relationship to get a good start.

But some tenants, maybe due to past experiences, expect the worst start and prepare to start the relationship with their guard up. Some are new to leasing a property, they have no idea how to act; while some have had bad experiences before.

Despite the existence of many lenders across the different cities and states, there are still individuals and families who rent houses for different reasons, often financially driven. According to the National MultiFamily Housing Council (NMHC), out of 118,208,250 households in the country, 35% of it or approximately 43,701,738 are renter-occupied properties.

What Landlords Look For In Tenants

New York we buy housesAs a renter, we expect to find the best place to settle in and expect a good relationship with the owner right from the start. Now, let’s take a look at the landlord’s point of view when looking for new rental occupants. They want renters who:

#1 Listen to instructions. When the owner gives special instructions about turning off the air conditioner when no one is at home or check the gas tank from time to time for leaks, keep it in mind and do it. These instructions were given for a reason so you should adhere to them, especially if it concerns everyone’s safety.

#2 Report maintenance needs right away. If there is a broken pipe, a window with a loose hinge, peeling paint, or a clogged drain; landlords should know right away. They can’t fix the problem they know nothing about unless they pay a visit and inspect the house.

#3 Care for the property. Every property is of value. As much as lessors value their homes, they also value their rental properties. When their renters put in extra effort to take care of the house, the landlord/tenant relationship will flourish.

#4 Follow rules. Rules are made to be followed. The Do’s and Don’ts will be explained together with the lease contract. Once there is an agreement, tenants are expected to follow it.

#5 Read the lease contract. It is important to read the lease contract. Everything is laid out in that piece of paper and renters can always turn back to it when disagreements or issues occur. There are different kinds of lease contract and each is explained here.

#6 Socialize with neighbors. It’s not necessary to get friendly with all the neighbors in your block. But be sure to get to know the closest neighbor and keep a friendly relationship with them. Friendly neighbors often equate to a peaceful neighborhood.

#7 Pay on time. Business is business. The main goal of the landlord is to get paid every month for the lease. Once the contract is signed, the leasers are responsible to pay on time, unless there is a valid reason. It’s best to talk to the owner if there is a financial struggle.

When They Decide To Sell Away

Property owners who have been in the rental business for years are more experienced in handling problematic and non-paying tenants. But even with experience, some issues do not get resolved right away and some matters just don’t have resolution except to part ways. And when a property gets too many problematic issues and tenant complaints, it is sometimes wiser to sell it to a we buy houses NY company.

SellAnyHouse NYC is a home buying company located in New York City which specializes in fast and easy home selling. Unlike the traditional method, in New York, we buy houses in exchange for a fast and fair cash offer. There is no transaction or closing fee, guaranteed! Get to know more about our speedy process today!

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Learn How To Interact With People With Disabilities

Learn How To Interact With People With Disabilities

A common misconception is to avoid a conversation with a person with disability fearing they might get offended when we ask questions about their condition or that there won’t be a common topic to talk about. It’s often awkwardness that makes most of us turn away from starting a conversation at all.

There are likely different reasons some people feel awkward or uncomfortable around disabled individuals. Some would assume that those with a handicap are bitter about their condition or that they may say the wrong thing if they try to talk to them.

“I think it’s human nature to be curious. And I don’t think anyone should feel bad about that,” he says. “If you ask most disabled people a question, they’re not going to mind,” says Alex Brooker, co-host of a Friday-night talk show The Last Leg.

What You Need To Realize

New York We Buy Houses SellAnyHouse NYC, a real estate agency based in New York City, has a soft spot for families with a family member who is handicapped or disabled. Because not all people have the patience and the interest to know how to properly interact with persons with disabilities; in New York, we buy houses from households who want to move to a community that is more welcoming to a person with special needs.

It doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience for these families. We can help make it easier for people with special needs or with a medical condition to settle in our community by understanding three things.

#1 It’s alright to ask questions. Open communication will help others understand what disability is like for families experiencing it. When you meet someone who is in a wheelchair, who can’t walk without a walking aid, use polite words to ask them about their condition.

It is not an intrusion of privacy. It is education and awareness. The more you know about the condition, you’d be more comfortable the next time to talk to the person or anyone with a similar condition. Read about Jamie Davis Smith’s blog about her daughter with special needs.

#2 Some disabilities are not visible. The persons with disabilities (PWD) icon is often a man in a wheelchair or an empty wheelchair. People can easily spot one with physical difficulty when they are using a wheelchair or a cane, in the case for blind people. But there are people that show no physical sign.

A seemingly well growing child may seem spoiled when the mother can’t control the child’s tantrum. What you didn’t know is the child may have autism or a global developmental delay. It isn’t just children who have this condition, adults too. It’s important that we give our understanding instead of judging looks. We buy houses in NYC with the home seller’s best interest in mind.

#3 Ask if you can offer help. If a handicapped co-worker looking like he is having a hard time getting coffee, ask first if you can lend a hand. At first glance, it may seem uncomfortable but bear in mind that their daily routine is different from yours but they are managing, and they have ways to get things done.

By asking if they need help, it’s a form of respect to how capable they can be despite their condition.

How Can You Help?

In New York, we buy houses in all types and forms, even a house that has been modified to cater to a disabled family member. Regardless of the condition, location, house value, or equity; if the need to sell is immediate, we do not hesitate to put forth an all cash offer that is guaranteed fair.

Our services aren’t limited to such circumstances though. We have a team of real estate consultants ready to share valuable information about practical solutions to the most common housing problems. If you know someone who is in a rush to sell their property to better care for a family member’s special needs, contact us! We will help!

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Retirement Options For The Elderly | We Buy Houses NYC

Retirement Options For The Elderly | We Buy Houses NYC

Whether you’re a business owner, a government employee, a salesman, a construction worker, or a restaurant owner; it’s the same for everyone. We all have to retire one day, and getting ready for the golden age before it comes helps you still live the life you’ve used to.

We Buy Houses NYCWhen you are looking for housing options for your future retirement, or for your parents, for a friend or for a relative; knowing what your options are will give you a better control of your life and your future.

Senior Housing Options

As we age, our needs, functionality, social responsiveness, and priorities may gradually or drastically change. This may mean modifying the house to accommodate the change in you to make it safer and more comfortable. Or it could mean moving to a housing facility that could better accommodate the needs of the elderly.

We buy houses in NYC from homeowners with basically the same reason – the need to sell a house right away to relocate or retire. We have different practical solutions to any housing concern.Here we have listed a number of helpful housing options for the retiring age.

Option 1 – Staying At Home

Staying at home as you age is advantageous since the place is familiar, where you know your neighbors and the community. You have access to a close network of family and friends. The current house can be modified depending on your needs like medical attention, health care assistance, and functionality limitations.

Option 2 – Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)

NORC enables seniors to live in their houses with access to local services, social activities and volunteer programs, but are commonly located in areas with low income. It could be in an urban high rise building or small communities spread across a larger suburban area. Most of the community members are older people or those of retirement age. Search for a local NORC program in the neighborhoods near you.

Option 3 – Assisted Living

This is a housing option for seniors who need help with several daily activities, including help with minor medicine administration. Some assisted type facilities provide apartment-style living with a simplified kitchen while in some occupants will have to share a room with another elderly. Having your own room might cost a bit higher compared to the rest of the available spaces.

Regardless of the cost or type of assisted living enrolled to, the staff service is always available 24 hours per day.

Option 4 – Nursing Homes

This is a place for older people who need more assistance and help outside of a hospital facility. A licensed physician, nurses, and other medical professionals are always around to monitor, supervise, and care for the elders. It also has an in-house occupational or physical therapist.

Visit this government page for other retirement options.

Select The Appropriate Housing Option

Whichever option you choose, it must match your needs and the amount of care you will require, especially if you have to save money for any existing medical condition. If you know someone who is in need of a rush property sale in preparation for a retirement, contact SellAnyHouse NYC.

We have a team of real estate agents who have been in the real estate market for a great number of years. In NYC, we buy houses when the homeowner wants to avoid the hassle and difficulty of finding a suitable buyer. When we buy houses NYC, we guarantee a fair cash offer in every transaction.

So, if you are preparing for your own retirement or helping out a friend or loved one, let SellAnyHouse NYC take care of the selling process. It’s fast, simple, and surprisingly enjoyable.

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4 Money Saving Tips for Fast Cash | NYC We Buy Houses

4 Money Saving Tips When You Need Cash Now! | NYC We Buy Houses

Budgeting and creating a plan on how to spend your money is critical in today’s economy. It’s important to budget your financial resources first and allocate an appropriate amount on expenses and basic needs.

But more often than not, strict and detailed budgeting is great in theory, but very difficult to actually accomplish!  Then on top of that, following through with the plan is also very hard, especially when our wants exceed our needs.

In NY, We Buy Houses

New York we buy housesBut this is just one side of the cube. In most homes, even with a stable and well-paying job to support their needs, families tend to struggle with their finances. The common factors to this struggle include mortgage payments, utility bills, credit card bills, car loan, and other type of loans.

That’s a lot of money to budget on a monthly basis. And the situation only gets more complicated when the needs and demands increases but the source of cash doesn’t. When excessive bills, past dues, and bank notices, or worse -job loss, come in the picture; what’s the point of carefully planning your expenses when the cashflow is stagnant?

4 Top Tips On Budgeting When You’re Broke

Even with limited resources or living off of your savings for the meantime, you cans still wisely budget your finances to make both ends meet, or just until you find a better job. Before you turn to a we buy houses New York company to resolve your money matters, consider these helpful tips:

  1. Categorize Your Expenses

    List down your expenses over the past few months. Separate your wants and needs. Determine which expenses should be prioritized. Knowing your priorities will help you settle what’s important first, thus creating a hierarchy of spending. The same idea goes for organizing debts.

  2. Identify Where the Spending Problem Lie

    Which stores do you frequently visit? What items do you often buy? Do you often kill time on cafes or bars? If you can cut down your coffee intake or lessen the visits on your favorite coffee house, that would help. If you can stop hoarding your favorite brand of shoes, you can really save. These unnecessary spending could use some down time while effectively sorting out your resources.

  3. Cut Down on the Little Luxuries

    With the rapid growth of technology, there are new things out there that you want to try. But before you squeeze some juice out from your savings, sit down and rethink if these are basic needs or just little luxuries you want to experience. A cable subscription with HD channels, a cellphone plan with heavy data, a high-speed internet with unlimited streaming that you don’t get to use often; these add-ons aren’t really a necessity.

  4. Be Frugal

    Nothing beats being frugal. Nothing could help you save more from the little money left on your savings than to make the most out of your money and the things you spend it on. Best example would be a Do It Yourself (DIY). If you have the materials lying around and you know how to do it, then there is no reason to pay someone else to do for you.

Here are some valuable tips from personal finance expert David Weliver.

When You Badly Need The Money Right Away

So maybe you have been keen on spending as little on your needs as much as you can, but getting both ends meet is just getting more difficult. Would you like to consider trying an alternative method?

In NYC, we buy houses from homeowners hoping to escape a spiraling situation. Regardless of the property’s condition, location, or value… in NYC we buy houses to provide relief and extend help. Receive fast cash in as little as 5 days once you agree to sell your house.

SellAnyHouse NYC is a team of real estate investors working in the real estate market for over 10 years. Our expertise on the field allows our team to formulate effective solutions to address even the most difficult housing and financial needs. If you badly need money, reach out to us. You’ll never know how effective our we buy houses New York approach is unless you give it a try.

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We Buy Houses NYC in Pre-Foreclosure

We Buy Houses NYC in Pre-Foreclosure

A lot of Americans have a house to go home to by the end of the day and most families have the means to purchase a new home if there is a need to relocate.

However, maintaining and sustaining this property may become overwhelming for some homeowners, which could result in pre-foreclosure or even property repossession. In these cases, we buy houses in NYC when you need to sell ASAP.

we buy houses in ny

we buy houses in ny

There has been about 27% increase in foreclosure activities as of October 2016. The Foreclosure Market Report discussed in realtytrac.com, estimates a total of 105,481 U.S. properties with foreclosure filings; from default notices to scheduled auctions or bank repossessions. This is by far the largest increase since August 2007 based on the month-over-month activity from the same report.

Foreclosure is a legal process that will allow the mortgage lender to seize a property in order to pay off what is owed. However, pre-foreclosure cases don’t necessarily end up with the lender winning the case. Learning how to stop pre-foreclosure proceedings may help you keep the house a little longer or save it from forcibly being taken away.

How To Get Out Of A Bad Situation

Before you decide to just sell the house with a ‘we buy houses New York’ company and stop the proceedings altogether, know how you can battle the foreclosure of your property.

Work It Our With Your Lender

It’s your responsibility to pay for the monthly mortgage, but if for some reason you are going to miss a payment, contact your lender. Explain to them your situation and why it isn’t possible to get your check in on time. Most financial lenders would rather work it out with the homeowner than have to resort to legal proceedings.

Foreclosures require them to spend a good sum of money, time, and the hassle of dealing with a case. If you are suddenly faced with a denied claim from your medical insurance or are currently dealing with a judgment case, it would be best to let them know. They may voluntarily offer a workaround that will benefit both parties.

Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure

This is basically the same as a foreclosure, the only difference is that the homeowner signs the deed of the house back to the bank or lender voluntarily. And the impact on your credit score affects you just as a foreclosed property would. Some creditors are hesitant to take back a property through a deed in lieu of foreclosure due to several reasons:

  • The possibility of homeowners suing later, claiming they didn’t understand what was happening.
  • They will have to pay a second or third mortgage if the homeowners had taken out second mortgages.
  • They want to make sure the homeowner’s financial distress is actually true.

Quick Home Sale

When all efforts fail and your property is foreclosed upon, the bank will have to turn right around and put the property up for sale in hopes of quickly finding a buyer to recoup their lost investment. With this thought in mind, these lenders would prefer a quick home sale initiated by the homeowner than them doing it themselves, as they end up spending a lot of money and time for the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure processes.

If you had the means to sell your house in New York fast, would you consider it?

SellAnyHouse NYC is a home buying company, one that has over 10 years of experience in the real estate market. We buy houses in New York City, and its surrounding boroughs, from homeowners in distressed situations and from families with financial challenges.

Keep in mind that we are a real estate investment company that has helped solve housing problems by offering fast cash, paid in full, and zero fees when we buy houses in NY. Why wait for the foreclosure proceeding to unfold when you can get a fair cash offer from SellAnyHouse NYC?

Ready to sell? Contact us today!

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When A Lawsuit Threatens To Take Away Your Property

When A Lawsuit Threatens To Take Away Your Property

As law abiding citizens, facing a lawsuit isn’t a usual occurrence in our life. In fact, most of us will never have to worry about hiring a lawyer, responding to a judgment case, appearing in court, or looking for evidence to prove innocence.

But what if you receive a notice saying that a case has been filed against you by a debt collector? Imagine dropping your favorite coffee cup after reading such out-of-the-blue yet shocking letter.

In a press release issued by the Federal Trade Commission dated March 2016, debt collection complaints is on the top spot in the complaint categories. Some 897,655 consumer complaints or 29% of the total number were about unpaid debt.

While this could be frightening news, the best way to handle it, after the adrenaline rush starts to wear down, is not to panic. There are positively doable ways to handle the matter. Get through this ordeal and learn how you can protect and defend yourself at the same time.

Respond | Verify | Prepare | Defend

we buy houses New YorkDon’t complicate a simple debt collection case, but it doesn’t mean you have to be complacent about it. There is a step by step action course you can follow through to make sure the case doesn’t go out of hand.

Your Response

For every question there is a corresponding response. The complaint case needs a proper response from you. From a post in creditinfoceter.com it says:

The most important thing you can do is to Answer the Complaint by the due date. Once you’ve identified the paperwork that constitutes the complaint, you must answer it. You merely reply by stating whether or not you agree with the statements in the complaint and why. You must do it quickly, you only have 20 to 30 days (depending on your court) to answer the complaint. If you do nothing, you automatically lose and the collection agency has a judgment against you.

Seek a lawyer’s legal advise if you are unsure how to respond or what to write in your response.

Verify The Complaint

Demand to see the original signed agreement and detailed balance sheet of all the payments and deductions made. The debt collector’s documentation may not be adequate since it is possible that the record have been passed down several times before being bought by the collections agency.

It is important that you can verify the amount being collected, compare it with your own records (if you have one), to any receipts in your possession and your own copy of the agreement. Anything you can use to question the validity of the debt is useful when the case progresses.

Prepare Your Next Action

Also from the same post in Credit Info Center, additional action plan has been provided.

Many courts will let you handle everything through the mail. There is no need to take time off of work to personally file your answer. Send everything certified mail, return receipt requested; one copy to the court, one copy to the lawyer representing the Plaintiff.

Another good idea is to include a self-addressed stamped envelope and one extra copy with your answer to the court. In some cases, if you made a mistake in your answer, they will let you know immediately. If nothing else, they will send you an endorsed-filed copy of the filing so you know it was entered. One of our readers received a hand written note from the clerk asking my reader to call so the clerk could help correct the filing.

Your Defense

In this last step, it is important that you still seek the professional advise of a lawyer. They are the most knowledgeable body to help you win the judgment case. There is no replacement of the legal steps they can guide you with. For an in-depth discussion of this matter, refer to this link.

On the other hand, still from the same post, additionally it says:

Most often you will be presented with exhibits (documentation which serves as evidence) in the case file, such as credit card agreements and affidavits of debt. Usually you can object to this evidence and get it thrown out of the case based on hearsay. If you are successful getting this evidence thrown out (struck from the records), the Plaintiff will have no evidence against you. If they have no evidence, they cannot win.

When A Lawsuit Threatens To Take Away Your Property

When Things Get Out Of Hand

What if finding the right lawyer and hiring one does not fit in your budget? What if you’re burnt out after dealing with several other debt complaints? What if you had wished for an escape plan from all of this and start fresh somewhere else?

Well, running away from a debt you owe isn’t really a solution. It could only worsen the situation. However, here at Sell Any House, we can offer applicable solutions that may clear off the muddy puddle you’re in.

We are a home buying company specializing in providing alternative options for homeowners struggling with low home values, bad tenants, no equity, or with an unwanted house that will not sell.

If you are willing to downsize to come up with the needed funds to settle the debts, let Sell Any House help you with your “sell my house fast in NYC” need.

We care. We listen. We provide help any time.

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Negative Equity | Top 5 Ways To Rebuild Your Home Equity

Negative Equity

Top 5 Ways To Rebuild Your Home Equity

Home Equity is defined as the market value placed over a house after the remaining mortgage payments. It builds up over time as the property owner continues to pay off the house loan.

This is a pretty straightforward explanation of the term but what goes beyond the definition is a complex process, where property owners struggle with a depreciated equity due to a sudden decrease in property value in an area or an outstanding mortgage that is more than what the house is worth.

In a CoreLogic (a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled services provider) report, by the first quarter of 2016 there is approximately 4 million or 8 percent of all houses with mortgage have no equity.

This situation seems bigger than the local weather report in early mornings. The fact that homeowners are facing a financial crisis involving their homes and the possibility of losing it, requires more attention and helpful guide on how to deal with no equity properties.

The Disadvantage Of Negative Equity

we buy houses NYCWhen news about the real estate market value dropping in some areas break out, you must find out if your area has been affected by the drop. If it is, then most likely, the value of your property may have dropped as well. This is not a cause of concern if your mortgage is still within the price you bought the property for.

Have a local real estate agent take a look at your home and find out its current value. If it turns out that you are “underwater”, then this could lead to some serious repercussions on your repayment agreements.

If you wish to refinance your mortgage, perhaps to get a more suitable refinancing plan from your lender or get a cheaper deal, the lender may not grant this request. Most lenders doesn’t allow homeowners with negative equity to change into a new mortgage deal. Find out how you can refinance with FHA in this article.

Other disadvantages include:

  1. The possibility of paying early repayment charges on the existing loan.
  2. Selling the house might not be possible.
  3. Extra fees and charges my be incurred.
  4. Only a few lenders offer refinancing a mortgage.

As hopelessly difficult as it may seem, there are ways to rebuild the value of your home.

Top 5 Ways To Rebuild Your Home Equity

Top 5 Ways To Improve Home Equity And More

Dropping Mortgage Balance

By diligently paying off the mortgage each month, a portion of the interest and principal loan is being paid off. This will help you improve the home value of your property.

Bigger Mortgage Payments

By paying more than what you owe each month, the added amount will be applied to the principal loan. Bigger loan payments equal to gaining home equity a lot faster.

Paying Off Twice a Month

Talk with your lender. Ask for a compromise and set up a biweekly repayment plan (if this is possible with your current cash flow). Once you make 26 payments throughout the year, this will trim down the repayment term, which eventually helps you save up on the interest rates.

Cutting Down the Mortgage Term

Shorten the payment terms. Cut it down to 20 or 15 years. Although this means paying up more on your monthly obligation, but you can negotiate for a lower mortgage rate, plus building back your equity much faster.

House Prices Eventually Increase

If you’re lucky enough to be in a booming community, there is a greater chance that the value of your home will increase on its own, dragging up the equity with it. You wouldn’t have to exert so much effort in this case, however, it could go the opposite way as well.

Invest More on Down Payment

Putting in a larger down payment means you can outset the automatically acquired home equity, which leads to a lower loan-to-value ratio and lower interest rates.

Proper Maintenance

Keep your house well preserved and properly maintained. When it is time to sell the property, keeping it in a good condition will give you a better shot at having a higher home value.

When It Is Time To Sell

All the work you have poured into your home will come to fruition when it is time to move out. Either through the traditional method or a fast “sell my house NYC” alternative route, the fact that you were able to rebuild the equity is an achievement worth commending.

At Sell Any House, we offer alternative solutions to homeowners in need of a fast home sale. We have been helping New York homeowners let go of an unwanted house in as little as 5 days. May it be about relocation, retirement, behind on payments, or or legal matters, we buy houses fast.

We understand the urgent need to sell a house right away minus the hassle and stress that comes with it. Get to know more about our fast house buying process and practical alternative solutions from one of our real estate investors today!


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Behind On Payments? Take Substantial Actions!

Behind On Payments? Take Substantial Actions!

NYC Behind on PaymentsIt seems debt is the modern day plague that continuously hunts every house owner, apartment renters, condo tenants, and business owners for most of their life. It is a passing ailment, but one that greatly affects the lifestyle and living capacities of most Americans today.

Being behind on payments either on your rent, car loan, mortgage, credit card loan, utility bills, or property taxes will not just give you a disturbing headache but will also threaten the comfort you and your family is enjoying.

In the statistic shown on realtytrac.com, in November 2016 the pre-foreclosure percentage is at 26.6% along with houses being auctioned at 36.7%, and bank-owned at 36.7%.

This is a pretty alarming number, especially for those who are heading down the road of filing for a foreclosure due to delinquent bills.

Effective Planning Sets The Path Right

Occasionally, most of us go through some form of financial crisis. This is a sad but factual truth, which happens everyday where people struggle to make ends meet despite having to slave after two different jobs or work on extra shifts.

Our financial consumption both increases and decreases over time, and it is within our hard work and perseverance that we could make it through until the next set of bills come in. So how do you effectively plan to help eliminate past dues and unpaid payments?

Understand Your Current Financial Status

Making a list of the items you need to pay for on top of the bills already lying on your study table can be frustratingly unhelpful. But this must be done. Assessing how deep your debt is will help you determine the action steps you are willing to take.

Take for example the old but helpful Thesaurus. When you use it to look up for a meaning of a word, it doesn’t just give you what you want to know, it also gives you alternative words you can use, which may help you construct better sentences. The same idea applies to listing your liabilities and the inventory of your assets.

Set Your Priorities Right

The most tempting humanly desire is to want something you can not afford. If you are about to drown in payments you haven’t paid off yet, any new expenses, in whatever form or kind, must be put on hold. Don’t get tempted.

This is often the hardest part, but by weighing in the weight of your needs versus your wants, figuring out where your funds should go wouldn’t be much of a task. Setting priorities and knowing which things come first will ultimately lessen the chances of having past dues.

Plan The Next Move

Now that everything is presented in a better light, arrange the bills according to which need to be paid first and account them on every possible income. Then the reduction of expenses, in any way possible, will come next. By reducing your expenditures, it doesn’t just help save for paying the current bills, it can also help take care of the upcoming bills.

Also, if time allows it, finding more income generating work and activities would bring in a much needed help. Don’t shoulder the load on your own. Whoever is capable of generating an income in the house must contribute.

Check this link for ways to prevent foreclosure.


Sell House Fast New York City | Behind on Payments

Sell House Fast New York City | Behind on Payments

Consider Other Options

The overwhelming feeling of too many bills to pay, bank notices, and collections reminders sometimes lead to homeowners giving up their homes to relocate or downsize, if it meant gaining the necessary funds to pay off the outstanding statements.

While some can conveniently dispose of an inherited property overnight, there are others who turn to companies that promotes “sell my house” services for homeowners who are in need of a quick sale.

Unlike most home buying companies, Sell Any House genuinely cares for its clients. With the usual 5-day processing, houses anywhere in New York is sold fast, leaving the home seller with a guaranteed fair cash-out, paid in full and sent directly to their bank accounts.

It is a favorable deal in the most unfavorable circumstances.


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Inherited Property | Are You Ready To Shoulder The Inheritance Tax?

Inheriting a property directly from your parents or a close relative may bring in positive returns as it adds to the number of assets in your possession, especially if the property itself is located in an area with high real estate values.

What do you when you inherit the bills too?However, an inherited property doesn’t simply fall under your name. The most worrisome among the concerns voiced out by the inheritors is the amount of tax that needs to be paid, which will then add to their current list of bills.

In an article written by Julie Garber from The Balance, taxes come in three types: inheritance, estate, and income taxes. Garber added that only six states currently collect inheritance tax – Iowa, Nebraska, Maryland, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Living In It vs. Renting It Out vs. Selling It

When a property is passed down to you after the passing of your parents or a close relative while you are still dealing with a thick pile of medical bills or mortgage and taxes you haven’t settled, or glaring at a big chunk of deduction on your savings; what course of action would actually work for you?

1. Accept the Property and Live In It

What are the benefits?

Firstly, you will have enough time to clean after the departed’s belongings are gathered from all over the house. You can either keep them or sell everything in the house all together before you start redecorating to add in your touch and taste.

Secondly, you can improve the house, fix it up, apply renovations where it is needed and give it a brand new look. This is a wise step if you aim to sell the house later on. Of course, this is doable only if you have the necessary funds to pay for these house value enhancements.

If the property is located near the metro area or within NYC, then most likely its house value will double in the coming years. Of course, proper tax rates will apply. Learn more about taxes on this page.

2. Rent It Out For Extra Income

What are the benefits? 

Firstly, an extra property that will help generate income for you is already a plus. The monthly rental can cover for the property tax that you will have to shoulder after the house is transferred under your name.

Secondly, you can convert it into a multipurpose estate. A good example would be to rent it out as a summer vacation house or a recreational place for educational and spiritual activities and programs while your family can still use it for family gatherings on special occasions.

You can change it into a rental estate to depreciate the asset and save on your tax due. The insurance policy should be changed as well into a landlord policy which will cover the entire structure as well as the medical and legal liability in case uneventful things happen.

Sell My House New York | Interited Properties

Sell My House New York | Interited Properties

3. Sell It Fast

What are the benefits?

Firstly, when having an additional estate on your hand is considered more a burden than a blessing, selling the property might be a welcomed option, especially if the location is a hot spot on the real estate market.

Secondly, the money incurred by selling the inherited property will greatly add to your bank savings, of which you can use to improve your current home structure, set aside as part of your children’s educational plan, or add to your retirement savings. You can re-purpose the funds however you see fit.

And when time isn’t on your side and a rush sale is what you need, traditional methods just wont work since it requires a lot of waiting around for the right buyer.

Sell Any House, a reliable We Buy Houses company, will help you with the selling process. In as little as give days without requiring renovation and beautification, you can have a fair cash-out directly sent over to your bank. It is remarkably smooth, easy, stress-free process leaving you with satisfactory outcome.

Learn more about our New York team of real estate experts and our fast house-buying process at www.sellanyhouse.com/we-buy-houses-new-york-city/ and start the process by filling out our short form. We look forward to hearing from you, and we’ll be in touch with you as quickly as we can.

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4 Effective Ways To Control Your Medical Bills

When on your way to recovery from a major surgery or trying to regain your strength from a tight battle with a viral infection, the last thing you’re supposed to worry about is a medical bill blowup.

According to Medical Billing Advocates of America, over 80% of medical charge contain errors, either due to an honest mistake, doubled fee, or abusive charging practices.

In extreme cases, the patients do recover well, but not from the overwhelming medical bill that won’t disappear unless paid up to the last cent.

So what solution could best resolve this? Maybe a loan to the bank, but only if the bank sees this as reason enough to grant your request. Loan sharks will absolutely offer no help.

Tips to keep medical expenses downHow else can you swim away from this sinking ship? Some are forced to liquidate assets just to come up with the needed funds to pay the medical bills, while monthly dues continue to come until one day, they find themselves drowning in debt.

What Are Your Options?

However, you can take a pause and breathe. There are clever ways to control your medical bills and do away with the overwhelming numbers.

Do You Qualify For A Discount?

The upfront way to saving money is through taking advantage of discounts. When a hospital offers to give a 20% discount on some of your lab tests if your pay up front, why not take advantage of the amount you can save if you have the money?

Doctors are humans too. They have seen the worse and will weigh in your capability to pay if you share a little background about yourself. Though this is optional, but doctors do consider your financial status.

1. Charity Care Programs

There are some patients that are either uninsured or underinsured who need immediate medical assistance. Both government and non-government organizations have programs that assist anyone who can’t afford an expensive medical care.

One charity care program found in NYC is The BronxCare Network. Their financial aid covers residents within the Institution’s service area which is defined as the five boroughs, to include The Bronx, New York, Queens, Kings and Richmond and the county of Westchester; for emergent services all New York State zip codes.

2. Ask The Billing Department

Even if you are not an expert on medical terms, if you find questionable figures in your bill, talk to the billing staff. They are more acquainted with jthe terminology you aren’t familiar with. Through them, you can verify if you have been billed correctly, ultimately eliminating an incorrect charge or overcharge.

3. Understand Your Procedure

By knowing what procedure you will be undergoing means you can have an estimate of how much you will be billed for, or at least do some research beforehand. By doing so you can easily spot irregularities, if there are any.

Revisit Your Insurance Policy

It takes patience to read through every word in your insurance policy, but it will help you control your medical bill. Terms such as Deductibles (the amount you pay out of your pocket before the insurance coverage), C0-insurance (a percentage you have to pay for a certain type of care), or In-Network (clinics/hospitals covered by your insurance) must be familiar to you.

What Happens When Medical Bills Are To High To Overcome?

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare; medical bills that are out of reach. They pile up and become insurmountable. One option to being saddled with huge debt is liquidating assets and getting out from under those bills.

We see it often across the United States, and as a leading we buy houses company, we are no strangers to those looking to sell a house fast. We deal with many families looking to sell their homes, no matter the condition.

In offering a quick and timely solution, we provide solace from the vice grips of medical bills. When all this fails and you need a company that can bail you out. We Buy Houses NYC is the premier company to partner with for a quick home sale.


Medical Emergencies | We Buy Houses NYC

Medical Emergencies | We Buy Houses NYC

Looking For a Trustworthy Real Estate Solution

Give our Rapid Real Estate Buyer Team the opportunity to analyze your home and give you a fair market offer. All  necessary repairs and cleanup will be handled by us, and there are’n any closing fees.

Trading your home to escape medical bills is not an easy decision, but we’re a team that has delivered satisfaction to many in need. Cash can be transferred in as little as 5 business days after we make our offer.

Learn about how we buy houses in New York City FAST!

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