Looking To Sell in NYC? We Buy Houses in New York
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3 Easy Steps To Selling Your New York House Fast

Looking To Sell in NYC? We Buy Houses in New York

We Buy Houses New YorkHave you heard a friend or neighbor that was talking about putting their house on the market, and the next thing you knew they had sold their New York City house fast; in fact, unusually fast?

Regardless Of Your Situation, We Can Help You Sell Your House Quickly

  • Perhaps you on your way to letting go of your home because of a situation you can’t control?
  • Some homeowners, after purchasing the house of their dreams, encounter circumstances outside their control and are left with no choice but to sell their property.
  • Maybe you were relocated because of a promotion or perhaps a better job offer from a new company.
  • Or, perhaps, some of us just need to settle in the suburbs to get away from the dangers of the city encroaching on their neighborhood.

Is Now A Good Time To Put Your House On The Market?

According to The Statistics Portal, statista.com, there are nearly 124 million households across the United States in 2015, and the number just keeps increasing with every passing month.

And in a recent article in New York Daily News, Brooklyn and Manhattan’s new rental buildings will continue to hit the real estate market as new condo projects will reach the sales market soon.

The same surge of successful property sales can be seen in the Bronx and Staten Island as New Yorkers seek affordability; while Queens is still the preferred borough after Brooklyn and Manhattan’s expensive rent.

While this is good news for many homeowners who have successfully sold their house, it may seem daunting if you are about to put your own house on the market. The news of a New York City we buy houses company gaining popularity may sound foreign.

If you are in a hurry to move on to a new place or town, or to get out from under a house you’ve already spent thousands of dollars on repairs, then a large number of houses already on the market may pose a serious roadblock to selling your New York house fast.

Traditional Methods For Selling A House May Not Be As Effective

we buy houses New YorkThe traditional way of selling your house is to seek help from a realtor. They list your property in the NY State MLS, post all the pretty pictures and descriptions… and then you wait. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your house will ever get the maximum exposure it needs for a potential buyer to even visit, let alone buy your house.

Keeping the house spotless, waiting day in and day out for the right buyer to come along can lead to unwanted pressure stress, especially if you are pressed for time.

Regardless of the situation, you are in, there is an effective way of selling your house and have cash in hand in as little as five days. Many homeowners have found this option to be wonderfully stress- and hassle-free.

Imagine resolving your housing problems with our proven method in as short as five business days and the money deposited in full right into your bank account. Isn’t it a great way, if not the best way, to settle your current financial headache?

There Is An Alternative To The Traditional Selling Method

Our innovative and rapidly growing solution has helped thousands of home sellers get the deal done right away without having to shoulder large repair bills, exorbitant closing costs, or appraisal fee.

Homeowners who have employed our services have since been living free of regret and have benefited from the cash-out fair market value for their property.

As stated above, many property owners have found this solution to be an effective alternative to the traditional real estate path without having to wait several weeks or months for a real estate agent to find a buyer willing to agree to your price.

Let’s take a couple minutes to outline how this new alternative method of selling your NYC House fast could perhaps work for you. In New York, we buy houses by providing you with a guaranteed fair cash offer.

Below, we’ve outlined three simple steps for you realize a fast cash offer for your home.

1. Tell Us About Your House

Step One. Share some information about your home with our New York City team of experts so we’ll have a clear outline of the best solution for you. Do you have a 2 bedroom house? Is it 3? Or 4? How many bathrooms are there? Is it a two-story house? Do you have more than one garage? Is there a finished room in your basement, or an attic playroom maybe?

Is there a leaky faucet in the kitchen sink? Maybe an ongoing renovation in the basement that you no longer plan to finish. It could be that the front lawn needs some fixing. Or a broken window caused by a baseball which accidentally made its way into your living room? Don’t stress about it, we won’t ask you to fix one thing.

We just need to get a general idea of the condition of the house. Our we buy houses New York team has the trained eye for all types of inspections. If you’re wondering and offers on Long Island cash for homes, we’ve got you covered.

Whether it is newly remodeled in a high-end neighborhood or a distressed property in a tight spaced community. Regardless of the condition, tax owed, or if you happen to be behind in mortgage payments, the chances of selling your New York house fast – without having to spend any money out of pocket – is exponentially higher with SAH.

2. One Of Our Real Estate Experts Will Contact You With Any Last Questions

Step Two. Now that we have the basic details, a Rapid Real Estate Buyer (RREB) will talk with you at a date and time convenient for you, in order to get answers to any additional questions our team might have about your property.

Our RREB team is made up of seasoned real estate investors that have been in the business for years. Their experience and expertise regarding the successful sales of homes are highly sought after, and we’re very happy to have them on our team.

Through them, our fast house buying methods have satisfied property owners all over New York.

In addition, SellAnyHouse NYC has taken care of all closing fees in every transaction, therefore, you are under no obligation to spend any money up to and including closing.

3. Receive A Written Fair Cash Offer On Your Home

Step Three. Once we have studied the information you have given us, done thorough research regarding the valuation of your house and after much consideration, we will present our cash offer that is guaranteed to be fair, printed in plain and simple text.

From here on, expect to never pay anything as all costs are covered by us.

Once an offer is made, SellAnyHouse NYC doesn’t place you in any contract or force you to take the offer. No additional fees will ever come your way. You will be given a choice, and if you choose for us to finish what we’ve started, you can rest assured that the process can take as few as five business days to complete!

We Buy Houses in New York City

I Want To Sell My House in New York ASAP

Let me ask you a quick question. Do you think that you can find a better offer? There are not many better options in NYC- we buy houses with zero closing costs, and without any form of obligation, whatsoever? Would you like to take the next step to see if we can deliver on our offer?

If you wish to take the next step, then you are assured of a clean and swift process as we move forward to buying your house, 100% free of any hidden fees and a guaranteed sure-fire offer.

You Can Receive Your Cash-Out In A Time Frame You Choose

Real Estate Agents New York CitySafely receive the money securely in your bank account, in full, free of any deductions or commission fees.

SellAnyHouse NYC has helped more families get on with their life without the burden and stress that usually accompanies a situation when your house needs to be sold quickly. As independent Real Estate Investors, we have been helping New Yorkers for years, and we will continue to do so. In NYC, we buy houses to promote better living conditions.

But We Cannot Work With Every Homeowner When We Buy Houses in NY

Yet, it’s important to note, we don’t take on every new potential customer. For example, we do not deal with compromised titles or properties being questioned by the authorities for any kind of criminal investigation. Aside from what has been mentioned, we welcome all other property sellers.

Now that we’ve reached this point and you think this is a potential option for the quick sale of your New York home, simply fill out the form to start the process and find out how quickly you can be out of your current financial situation and move forward with your life

A representative from our RREB team will get in touch with to set the ball rolling. We buy houses in NY to solve housing problems without second thoughts.

Looking forward to working with you!


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SellAnyHouse NYC works in all boroughs of New York City. We buy houses in Long Island and we buy houses in queens, not to mention these other areas in and around the Big Apple and New Jersey, namely: Jamaica, Flushing, Union City, Jersey City, Trenton, Newton, Kew Gardens, Lakewood, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Spring Valley, Toms River, Linden, Brick, Far Rockaway, Elizabeth, Paterson, Monroe, Bridgewater, Lindenhurst, Long Island City, Monsey, Astoria, Jackson, Middletown, Hempstead

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  • Our team of professionals have been doing this for years.
  • We buy houses no matter what condition they're in.
  • Solve your financial woes quickly and effectively with very minimal effort on your part.
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Our team of real estate professionals will give you a fair market cash offer for your house, no matter its condition!

We help people in all sorts of situations:

  • Suffered a Job Loss
  • Overwhelmed by Medial Bills
  • House Has Structural Issues
  • Going Through a Divorce
  • Filing Bankruptcy
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Relocating Due To a Job Transfer