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Negative Equity | 3 Ways To Recover From A Difficult Situation

Negative Equity | 3 Ways To Recover From A Difficult Situation

Having negative equity in your house is a nightmare coming to life. It doesn’t just drag down the value of your property, it also affects your overall financial standing. The equity becomes negative when the mortgage still owed is bigger than the actual value of the house.

This lessens your chances of getting a good sale price for the property when it is time to relocate to secure a more stable employment or if you don’t plan on staying longer in your current home. This is considered a common situation for most homeowners across the country due to factors that may be out of their control.

According to the report made by realtytrac.com, “Nationwide 6.7 million properties representing 12 percent of all properties with a mortgage were seriously underwater at the end of the first quarter of 2016 – down 600,000 from a year ago and cut nearly in half from the peak of nearly 13 million in the second quarter of 2012. Despite home prices rising 47 percent since bottoming out in February 2012, some homeowners are still waiting for the home price tide to lift them back to home equity dry land. Here are the top seven reasons homeowners are still underwater based in our big data analysis of 56 million U.S. properties with a mortgage.

3 Ways To Pull Up Your Equity

We Buy Houses Cash Los AngelesWith the reality of this matter that affects a lot of households, both the government and financial experts and agencies have laid out ways to help pull up and improve home equity.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

When you struggle with the mortgage payments on your home, the greatest fear is losing your home to foreclosure. Refinancing could help lower the monthly due and provide some form of relief, but most lenders aren’t open to refinancing a property with negative equity. There are other related blogs in sellanyhouse.com.

There is a government program that enables some homeowners to refinances their house that has negative equity. The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) may grant homeowners a loan to refinance to a more affordable payment. The homeowners must file an application to HARP to avail of the program and the loan must be underwritten by a lending team.

Move Out, Rent It Out

Families are eager to buy a house especially if it gives them extra space and room to move around. Since the option to sell house fast in Los Angeles isn’t available to properties with negative equity, one workaround is to rent it out and move into a new house. By renting out the property, it can pay for itself.

But renting a house isn’t simple and doable in one day, especially if you do not have an experience in being a landlord. You need to conduct thorough research on the matter and talk to an experienced landlord for advice and guidance.

Reduce Your Debt

This is probably the most basic and practical solution to increase your home’s equity. Slowly but consistently, pay off the debt you owe. One of the best ways to pay down your mortgage is to pay more than your monthly payment each month. When you do so, all that extra money goes directly towards paying down the principle loan, not to interest. If you have savings you can use to pay off some of the mortgage dues, take a portion of it and lower the debt. Some lenders may allow you to pay off up to 10% without penalty, and smaller repayments are deemed helpful. Contact your lender to make sure.

Consider Outside Help

SellAnyHouse LA is a home buying company dedicated to help homeowners who are struggling with their finances. We buy houses in Los Angeles from families facing common housing issues, even the most serious and difficult matters. Whether it is a house underwater or with negative equity, we find ways to help alleviate the situation. Check out what other housing problems we can help you with by visiting our recent news article at from www.sellanyhouse.com.

We also provide free in-house consultations to those who want to learn more about our fast and hassle-free transactions. We have a team of real estate consultants willing to impart their knowledge and expertise in the real estate market. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help!

Also, check out http://sellanyhouse.com/ for the latest information.

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Top 4 Ways To Turn Your House Into A Profitable Asset

Top 4 Ways To Turn Your House Into A Profitable Asset

Your house is your fortress. It’s where you keep your army of children, your weapons of comfort living, your sanctuary in the buzzing city, and the trophy of all your hard work. For many, it is the biggest investment one could ever own in their lives.

However, like most homeowners in the country, a house is a liability as well. A big chunk of our paycheck goes to the mortgage, a monthly financial obligation that doesn’t have room for missed payments, or else the bank will it take away. And despite the large amount being invested in the property, it doesn’t generate income or cover for the expenditure itself.

A Self-Sufficient, Income-Generating Home

Unfortunate cases with such endings as a bad mortgage, recent job loss, or family business closing all can result in the need to liquidate assets. This, in turn, could lead to families needing to sell their house fast in Los Angeles. With this growing need,  SellAnyHouse LA has come up with realistic and practical solutions to address some of the most common financial problems’ causes.

But before we dig further into the benefits of a fast home sale, first let’s look at the top ways to turn your house from a liability into a profitable asset:

Rental Gains

We Buy Houses Los Angeles CAOne of the best ways to profit from your own home is to rent out a portion that is unoccupied, unused, or any extra space that can be useful to people who might need a small workplace. The basement is one good example. By creating a separate entrance to the basement, you can rent it out as a storage place, a work studio for artists, or a music studio for aspiring musicians (although, you may have to invest on soundproofing the basement to keep the noise down).

Grow Your Own Food

There is no limit to where your imagination can take you. Having a spacious backyard can work to your advantage. Try converting it into a small produce farm, grow fruits and vegetables. This way, you can feed your family with healthy food while saving on your groceries. Additionally, you can sell some of the produce in the local market.

Start A Small Business

Online selling is rampant nowadays due to the massive use of modern technology and the internet. If there is an artist in you and you have a pile of artworks and paintings hidden in your storage room, sell them online. Start selling children’s clothing if you have the knack for designing and sewing clothes for toddlers. Or you can purchase clothes in bulk and start up your online store.

Drop shipping is also a good alternative. It is a supply chain management method in which the seller does not keep goods in stock. The seller transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the wholesaler or another retailer, who ships the goods directly to the customer. Learn more about this process here.

The Good Old Yard Sale

Got unused clothes, furniture, and appliances getting dust somewhere in your house? Well, sell them off through a yard sale. This is a good way to earn extra income to pay off some of your liabilities while freeing up space in your house. You can also work with your neighbors and organize a group yard sale within your community. You aren’t just helping yourself, but your neighbors as well.

There are other means of generating extra income if you have the resources. Check out the other blogs at www.sellanyhouse.com.

It Doesn’t Have To End With Not Having Any Money

Although money is a problem when the expenditures exceed your earnings, life doesn’t have to end there. There are more ways to convert your house into a profitable asset. Check this guide article for more helpful ideas.

But what if you have tried several ways to help pay off the mortgage yet you’re still struggling with your finances? How will you be able to turn it into a profitable asset? Sell Any House has a simple solution for you. We buy houses in California from homeowners in need of a rush sale. If you need the money, you wouldn’t have to wait for weeks to get it, you can have it in as little as 5 days! It’s easy, fast, and free!

Let us know if this offer sounds like the solution you have been searching for.

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Living Life After Bankruptcy | We Buy Houses LA

Living Life After Bankruptcy | We Buy Houses LA

Going through a bankruptcy case is probably the most challenging financial situation one could be facing at a time where money could mean everything and anything. The credit score will plummet down, with nothing to stop it or slow it down. And the bankruptcy case will stay on your credit report for 10 long years.

For a period of time, it may be difficult to get a loan or apply for a new credit card. Lenders may see this as a threat since one has managed to legally write off some of the past debts. It is a dark time but it doesn’t mean no light of hope will come shimmering in the hopelessness of the situation.

“Bankruptcy filings are continuing to decline, with fewer than 800,000 people filing in federal courts last year. Although 800,000 seems like a lot, it pales in comparison to the height of the economic collapse in September 2010, which saw nearly double the number of filings, according to statistics released by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts,” – an excerpt from the article posted on the National Bankruptcy Forum site.

Life Doesn’t End After Owing So Much Debt

We Buy Houses LARebuilding your credit score is a priority after the bankruptcy case is discharged. We buy houses LA from households still dealing with bankruptcy, bad credit score, lien, or bad mortgage. Recover from the situation by taking slow but consistent steps that could help your smooth out your credit score.

Reflect On The Situation

First action step is not to stay in one place, which also means not to get stuck on the problem. You’re bankrupt now with an ugly credit score, that’s a fact. But it doesn’t mean it will be the same for the rest of your life. Start asking yourself important questions.

How did you get into the situation? What financial management system did you use that put you through so much debt? With the experience, what have you learned? By finding answers to these questions you’ll be able to reorganize your lifestyle and adjust your spending habits.

Create Realistic Budget Plan

Be extra vigilant about your spending from now on. You will be living with a smaller budget with little financial options at the start of your recovery. With utmost control over the money you have, managing your cash flow will help prevent more debt from piling up.

By knowing how much you have up to the last cent, you’ll try to live below your means and avoid spending excessively and impractically. Including a small amount of savings is another step to recovery. Experts also recommend having an emergency fund for future emergencies or unexpected events.

New Credit

Well, applying for a new credit card won’t be easy, but still, not impossible. There may be banks that would refuse to lend you money right after finding out about the bankruptcy case, though not all lenders follow the same policy. There are credit lenders who are willing to help financially challenged individuals gain back their score.

“A secured card is different from a prepaid debit card. With a secured card, your deposit serves as a backup in case you don’t pay your bill. With prepaid debit, the money you “load” onto the card is used to pay for your purchases. Prepaid debit cards do not help you build credit,” – a valuable Nerd Tip by Kevin Cash.

Recovering from bankruptcy is a tedious process, however, once you fully recover from it, you will be good as new. You wouldn’t have to resort to sell my house fast Los Angeles or hide away because of shame anymore. Anyone can rise up from a downfall with the right means and proper guidance.

SellAnyHouse LA is a home buying company serving Los Angeles residents by providing alternative solutions to their most difficult housing and financial issues. We buy houses LA regardless of the reason for selling or in whatever condition the property is in. If you wish to break away and have a change of scenery, sell your house to us. It will be simple, painless, and fast!

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Avoid Bad Mortgages | Which Lender Has The Lowest Rates?

Avoid Bad Mortgages | Which Lender Has The Lowest Rates?

Many American homeowners have moved from one place to another in the span of five to ten years, often due to reasons that are either financially-driven or a career advancement decision (which are also usually financially-driven). In California, families who move often have chosen to sell my house fast Los Angeles and found it less of a hassle.

sell my house fast Los AngelesAnd some had hoped that finding a new house, making the offer, communicating, and negotiating with a realtor or home seller would only take about a week to complete. But this is the just one phase of the process. Another phase, one which determines if the house being purchased is worth the time and money, is finding a lender with the best mortgage for you.

As for mortgage rates, who knows? They were low throughout 2016, spiked higher after the election, but are still low by historical standards. They could remain low in 2017, or rise. There’s still not a lot of room for them to fall.” – Holden Lewis said in his 2017 house buying tips.

We won’t be dwelling on more predictions today, instead, we will be talking about the incredibly simple tips to finding the best lender with the lowest mortgage rates, to protect yourself from ending up with a bad mortgage loan.

How To Find The Best Lender With The Best Rates

Rate Comparison

When you are looking for the best rate, take into consideration the list of lenders your realtor, friends, and family recommend.  Finding the best mortgage plan can be a complicated process especially if you’re a first time buyer. Your realtor can be a great help in this area, since they work with many mortgage companies on a daily basis.

Invest In Down Payment

Saving up for the down payment is the first step to avoiding a bad mortgage. If you can save enough, then you have a greater selection of reputable lenders to choose from. And generally with a bigger deposi, these companies would offer lower interest rates on your monthly mortgage… which in turn leads to a lower monthly payment.

A higher deposit could also mean saving on the mortgage insurance, which is common when the down payment is lower the usual percentage. Here’s a helpful rate tool you can use to aid your search.

Credit Score Improvement

This one is easy to figure out. With a better looking credit score, more lenders will willingly offer you their better interest rates. These financial companies are more than happy to help those with higher credit scores. The higher the score, the better options available to you.

Occupancy Period

Your length of stay in the property must be taken into consideration as well. If you are looking at staying for more than ten years, then a long-term repayment plans will work best for you. However, if you plan to stay for just a couple of years, consider looking into adjustable rate mortgages (ARM).

With ARM, the interest rates are considerably lower but the repayment terms can become quite catchy and complicated. SellAnyHouse LA has seen households deal with ARMs that caused agitation when the repayment terms changed to offset the initial lowered rate. When we buy houses in Los Angeles CA, we don’t turn our backs from properties with complicated mortgage terms or extensive repairs.

When You’re Ready To Sell Your LA House

Once you find the right mortgage company to finance your loan, contact SellAnyHouse LA for additional assistance. With our speedy process, we can complete the sale of your current property in as little as 5 days. In turn you’ll get a fair all cash offer, which will be deposited right straight to your bank.

Proceed with sell my house fast Los Angeles with the assistance from one of our real estate consultants. We’re happy to help you move on!

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Even With Extensive Repairs, We Buy Houses Los Angeles CA

Even With Extensive Repairs, We Buy Houses Los Angeles CA

Have you heard some financial expert advice that goes along the line: ‘Save a little portion of your earnings for home repairs’? Or at least a percentage of your earnings should be saved for unexpected housing repairs or other expenditures?

Financial experts often call this the “1 Percent Rule,” saving an amount that is equal to 1% of how much the house was bought for. For instance, if the property is worth $400,000, that’s $4,000 worth of maintenance and housing repair. But it isn’t necessary to save that much amount each year, or spend more than $4,000 on home improvements.

We Buy Houses Cash Los AngelesAs a we buy houses company in Los Angeles, we are no stranger to real estate advice.

This rule is basically a rough estimate, the cost actually varies depending on the property involved. And it does not apply to all situations. There are variables that can affect the amount of maintenance and repair costs of a house, especially in the years to come. The most obvious factors that will determine the amount are the cost of labor and materials in your area.

Several Important Factors Never To Overlook

So aside from the cost of labor and materials, there are other factors that will contribute to how largely the maintenance and repair could cost you. In some cases, homeowners get overwhelmed with the extensive repairs the house needs right away, and this could make them run down the sell my house fast LA route when the problem is just too much and too expensive.

It’s critical to know what these other factors are so you can prepare ahead of time and don’t get overwhelmed by unexpected repairs.

1. Age

Newly built homes that are around 5-10 years rarely show signs of immediate repairs needed, unless the contractor did a shoddy job with the construction. Those aging from 10-20 years old may show signs, thus small repairs are inevitable. By the time the property reaches 20-30 years, more obvious and expensive renovations will probably be required such as roof replacement, leaking water pipes, or maybe even foundation issues.

2. Condition

The amount of proper care and improvement done to a home will affect the lifelong condition of the property. In some cases a 40-year old house is in a much better condition compared to a 20-year old house that didn’t receive proper care. The older the home, the more it needs proper upkeep from its owners.

3. Weather

In colder places where houses are exposed to freezing temperatures, ice, snow or water; there will be more structural and foundation strain compared to homes in warmer areas. Climate changes like high heat, winds, heavy rains, and other extreme weather conditions contribute to the wear and tear of the property.

4. Location

Flood-prone areas and other environmental elements that could strain the building proposes extreme maintenance and extensive repairs.

5. House Type

Living in a single-detached house means you will have to replace your own roof and gutter, maintain the front and back yard. Whereas, in apartment buildings and condos much lesser maintenance is required since most of the structural concerns will be taken cared of by the home owners association. More about this topic here.

When It Becomes Too Much

There will be a lot of housing maintenance and repair all throughout your years living in your house. And just when you think you’ve done enough renovation and improvement, something else breaks. What do you do then?

Learn about SellAnyHouse LA to get answers. We buy houses in Los Angeles CA as a response to homeowners struggling financially and has seen a potential solution when they want to sell house fast in Los Angeles. With us, the transaction can be completed in as little as 5 days, which means any homeowner wanting to sell can have access to fast money.

We buy houses across Los Angeles regardless of its condition, location, or the amount of extensive repair needed. Trust that we only offer effective solutions to your housing and monetary needs.

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Prepare For Retirement | Sell My House Fast LA

Prepare For Retirement | Sell My House Fast LA

Maybe it’s too early to start planning and saving for a retirement plan, and maybe it’s not. There isn’t really a set time and date or age for one to start planning ahead, especially when it concerns one’s future after retiring from a successful career.

Retirement is slowly approaching, there should be no need to sell my house fast to subsidize your retirement. Rather, consider it well ahead of time.

We can no longer rely on employee pension and Social Security to support our finances in our retirement years. It’s no longer enough to sustain our wants and needs, and our basic necessities. More and more people are retiring but the number of working individuals who are paying the taxes are lesser in number.

Most retirees choose to settle down in a smaller property since it is cheaper to maintain and so much extra space may not be necessary. With most people preferring to settle down in a smaller home, sell my house fast in LA often is the wisest course of action. Once one decides to sell a house fast in Los Angeles, there’s a slim chance this decision would change and the money gained from selling the property will greatly help.

The question now is do you really need to prepare for your retirement and how do you go about planning and saving for it?

The Best Types Of Retirement Plan

We Buy Houses Los Angeles CAThere are several kinds of long-term savings for you to choose from if you are considering the idea of saving up or saving as much as you can for the old age ahead. Being financially prepared to face this later phase in our lives would help us fully relax and appreciate the fruits of decades of hard work.

Now, which plan should you invest your money into and which one would satisfy your lifestyle?

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

An IRA is a personal account set up at a financial institution which allows a person to save for his retirement that could be tax-free or on a tax-deferred basis. It is available in three main types: traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and Rollover IRA. The advantages of IRA had been laid out by Dayana Yochim in nerdwallet.com. She says:

– You choose the bank or brokerage and make all the investment decisions, or hire someone to make them for you.

– Depending on the type of IRA you choose — Roth or traditional — and based on your eligibility, you decide how and when you get a tax break.

– IRAs provide a much wider range of investment choices than workplace retirement plans do.

The 401k Plan

A 401k plan is a savings plan sponsored by the employer. A worker can save and invest a portion of his paycheck to retirement before taxes are taken out. And tax isn’t deducted until this portion is taken from the account. This plan was named after a section in the tax code that governs it, this is in lieu of employers offering pension funds.

From the same article from Yochim it is stated that:

– Most employers offer an automatic payroll deduction option for deposits into the plan, and the retirement plan administrator (a separate financial institution) handles statements, disclosures and updates.

– 401(k) contribution limits are higher than those for IRAs.

– The Roth 401(k) has no income restrictions, unlike the Roth IRA.

– Participant-directed plans give employees control of investments. You decide how much of your contribution to direct into each investment among the options within the plan.

Validate Your Preference

It is indeed a satisfying move to plan and save for the golden age. What you do now, will impact what you become later on. Planning, saving, and investing ahead will do you no harm. There’s more to learn about old age investment from the Department of Labor.

When the time is right to retire, choose SellAnyHouse LA to take over the process to sell your house fast in Los Angeles. We buy houses in Los Angeles even if it isn’t retirement-related. If your reason is the extensive repairs badly needed but you could not afford or owe taxes that’s sitting on a pile of several unpaid bills, we buy houses for cash, Los Angeles.

It’s your time to relax and enjoy life, there’s really no need to waste time on waiting for a suitable buyer. Let SellAnyHouse LA address your sell my house fast LA need in exchange for a fast cash. The best part is you spend zero on the closing sale! Eager to learn more about this fast and simple process? Contact us today!


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3 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Owe Taxes

3 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Owe Taxes

Owing taxes to the IRS, whether its just a fraction of your monthly income or an upsetting amount, settling what you owe should be done right away. Its bad enough not to get a tax refund. Getting in trouble with IRS is the worst way to start the year.

However, owing federal tax shouldn’t be a cause of panic. A lot of Americans somehow, are facing a similar concern. The good thing is there are ways to positively handle this debt.

Avoid These 3 Major Mistakes

sell my house LAThe one thing you should avoid doing when faced with a tax debt is taking actions that will make the situation more difficult for you. Based on the suggestions of experts on federal tax and tax payment plans, here is a list of things to avoid:

Paying Debt with Debt

A bank loan would seem to be a probable solution. Why not? You not only get the needed money to settle your tax, a payment plan for the loan can be arranged as well. But will the bank grant the loan?

Maybe you could try paying using a credit card. Right, that could be it. It makes sense, paying a debt with another debt, plus the staggering interest rates. Looking at it as a long term solution, you may end up paying so much more. It may be best to step aside for a moment and assess these options.

Take time to think about it. Compare the interest rates, fees and repayment terms so you’ll know exactly how much is being borrowed to pay your tax and how much will it cost your to pay all the accumulated debt.

Failing to File a Return and Extension

Even if you can’t afford to settle your debt in one go, filing for a tax return is still required. IRS will charge 5% failure-to-file penalty for every month you owe, and up to 25% maximum penalty. And don’t forget the interest that will be added until it’s fully paid off.

By filling an extension, you will be given an additional six months and if you can’t file it before the April deadline, there won’t be a failure-to-file penalty. But the existing debt will have a penalty capped at 25%.

No Payment Plan

Given that you can’t pay what you owe in full, IRS offers payment plans. Find out if you are qualified to apply. They do not want to run after tax payers who still has payables to settle. So before one of the IRS people decides to take extra time to focus on your debt, proactively work it out with them.

For a debt less than $50,000 (income taxes, penalties, and interest), as of 2015, an online payment plan is available. If you meet the requirements, take advantage of the online payment, otherwise, you’ll need to mail in your Form 9465 to the local IRS office and wait for a reply to find out what installment plan you can apply for.

Every eligible tax payer has 72 months to settle the full amount, however, interests and penalties will be added for as long as you owe them money.

Sell My House Due To Taxes Owed

What Can You Do?

Despite being the ‘bad guy’ in this difficult time, IRS is a reasonable organization that offers assistance whenever possible. Enrolling for the online installment plan could offer great help for you to settle your debt. It may take time, but as long as you can send in partial payments, it isn’t such a bad deal.

You need to talk to the right people to get to the right direction. Check out this article from Taxpayer Advocate Services.

On the other hand, even if you qualify for a payment plan but you’re still unable settle the full amount, there is an alternative option awaiting for you to discover.

Here at Sell Any House, we provide practical solutions to homeowners struggling financially. May it be about a bad mortgage, unpaid taxes, facing a divorce or structural issues, we can help. It’s our ultimate goal to free homeowners from stressful housing issues.

In Los Angeles sell my house fast is a common scenario, where families have the immediate need to let go of their property. We aren’t just a home buying company, we are a company that cares and listens. Talk to us today!


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How To Sell My House With Foundation and Structural Issues

How To Sell My House With Foundation and Structural Issues

Did you happen to have a feeling that your house just shook but when you watched the news or searched the net, no earthquake was recorded? Did you notice a few cracks on your basement wall? How about a window that suddenly won’t open, seemingly stuck in its frame?

This could be a warning sign that there are existing structural issues within or under your house. A solid, strong, and well built foundation is crucial to a long lasting and safe home. Foundation repair is often the solution to fix most structural issues.

Before you conclude that your house badly needs professional repair, find out what are the clear signs you should watch out for.

The Warning Signs

we buy houses LABy being vigilant about the signs, and in case you spot any of them, you can pinpoint when exactly you should call a professional service.

Interior Mismatch and Weakness

  • Concrete walls are sturdy and doesn’t chip off or break off easily. If the outer layer becomes flaky, try poking it with a screwdriver. You shouldn’t be able to damage the wall unless it has deteriorated and the screwdriver manages to bore a hole right through.
  • Watch out for cracks too. Whether its a hairline crack across the upper wall in the living room or a noticeably large crack you could almost see what’s in between the cement pigments, this is an alarming sign that the foundation might be crumbling.
  • Vertical crack lines are less serious compared to horizontal cracks which could translate to a serious shifting of the foundation or water damage accumulated overtime.
  • When door frames split apart or a door won’t latch properly or doesn’t close at all, it is another sign of a structural issue.
  • Sinking floors are obvious signs. A simple test using a tennis ball can help you determine which area has sunk. If the ball rolls, you have an uneven floor.

Exterior Oddity

  • It the exterior walls have formed an obvious crack and seem to be separated from the house. Either slightly leaning outward or inward, this is a serious structural damage that needs immediate attention.
  • A chip or a big chunk of brick has fallen on the ground. The area from where the piece fell off looks weak and is about to crumble.
  • You can also see crack lines originating from the ground level going upwards.
  • A portion of the house looked shrunken, looking like it is being swallowed by the ground. This is called subsidence, an occurrence when the ground beneath the foundation is collapsing due to water leaks from drain pipes.
  • Trees causes damage too. They take away the moisture from the soil, and overtime the soil compresses and collapses.

Professional Opinion

When one or more of the signs can be seen in your house, call a structural engineer right away for a professional opinion. Engineers can measure how serious the damage is and the extent of structural repair needed to fix the problem. Refer to this page for more alarming signs.

Consultation alone could cost you several hundred dollars. A full set of drawings for an engineered solution ranges around a thousand dollar. Fixing structural issues and foundation damage can go over the amount you can spare.

Sell My House Due To Structural Issues

A Parting Solution

If the foundation repair expenses could threaten to suck the life out of your hard earned savings, would you consider selling your house? If too much work needs to be done, much like building a new house, isn’t it better to sell the property?

Sell Any House has seen how devastating serious structural issues can be for families who have grown attached to their homes. Often, moving out seems to be a financially sound decision. It saves homeowners money, time, and effort.

Our team of expert real estate investors have formulated practical solutions to help homeowners resolve their housing problems. In Los Angeles, we buy houses As-Is, no immediate renovation is required. Not just houses with structural issues, we buy houses from owners who are dealing with low home values or bad tenants.

We do not limit our services. We provide help in any way we can!


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When Bad Tenants End Up In Your Property | Effective Actions Steps

When Bad Tenants End Up In Your Property

Effective Actions Steps

LA Bad TenantsFor an upcoming, current, and former landlords, having to deal with a bad tenant can become a nightmare. Though most renters are good clients, a property owner will encounter a problem tenant at least once in his property management career.

Even with a strict screening process, these tenants who are nothing but a headache could still slip through. And no matter how good of a landlord you are, how straightforward and clear is your communication, misunderstandings can happen.

In a statistic published by Rental Protection Agency (RPA), by December 2016 there are approximately 110,894,862 renters across the U.S., where California (densely concentrated in L.A.) is at 43.09%.

How To Deal With A Problem Tenant

The main objective of a landlord is to get paid for the leased real estate property. Next is to assist with the maintenance and rehabilitation (if needed) of the house or apartment with or without a renter. But as the property manager, your patience will be tested from time to time.

Delayed Payments or Unpaid Rents

The renting occupants may withhold the payments, either intentional or unintentional. For low-income dwellers, at some point within their leased contract, the cashflow may come short or worse, suffer from job loss. Unemployment could only worsen the owner’s problem.

Solution: Devise Payment Options

You need to be sensitive with your leasers too. Once or twice in anyone’s life, financial difficulties may arise and the occupants aren’t an exemption. A scheduled weekly partial payment could work, or once a year you would accept partial payments for the monthly rate.

Anything will work so long as there is a strict implementation of the set payment options and follows ups to ensure that everything will go as per agreement.

Neighborhood Conflict

Though a strict screening process can save you the trouble in dealing with problem leasers, future disagreements with a neighbor can not be avoided. Once they settle in, some of their actions can directly and negatively impact the occupants of the neighboring houses or apartments.

 Solution: Settle The Conflict Between Themselves

Include in your lease clause that tenants, should they find disputable differences toward each other, must settle the matter within themselves. If the issue will require your intervention, one of them may have to leave.

 Getting Past the Screening Process

As part of proper screening, credit records will be checked. Though this is a good way to weed out tenants with low credit score, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will cause problems. There are better ways to ensure that you only entertain the right ones.

Solution: Thorough Background Check

Make sure to verify their employment and rental history, implement credit checks, and conduct a detailed interview. To run a credit check, simply ask for the Social Security number, complete name, and address; and make sure that you receive an authorization from them.

You may also speak with the previous landlords. You’ll know an applicant is a problem when the current landlord will give you a five star recommendation (just so they can get rid of the renter).

Selling My House Due To Bad Tenants

Selling My House Due To Bad Tenants

When Eviction Is A Hassle

Are you fed off with facing too many problem renters you just want to get rid of the property and get on with your life? Do you not have the time to spare and follow the enumerated tips above?

Well, if it all goes down to giving up your property, Sell Any House is the right partner for you. We have been helping homeowners and property owners around Los Angeles with their “sell my house fast” dilemma. May it be because of structural issues, medical bills, or a sudden death of a loved one.

The process is quick and hassle-free and done in as little as five days. There are no hidden fees or closing fees, even with an existing tenant, Sell Any House will help resolve your bad tenant issues.

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Acceptance and Healing | Dealing With A Loss

dealing with a lossWhen one loses a loved one, he grieves for his loss. It is a very painful process to go through, and one feels all kinds of difficult emotions at the same time. The sadness and pain will seem to be endless, yet this is all part of the experience when dealing with a significant loss.

Grief is a common response to loss. The different stages of grief one must go through is dependent on the person and how he deals with the situation. These stages are:

  • Denial – “I am not ready for this.” “This can not happen.”
  • Anger – “Why did this happen to me?” “Who is responsible?”
  • Bargaining – “If I can undo what happened, I will change…”
  • Depression – “I can’t go on without you.”
  • Acceptance – “I understand why it happened. I’m okay now.”

Coping up will take time, but it is not impossible, especially with the right attitude and emotional support.

Recover From Grief Without Losing Yourself

How do you lessen the pain? How to shorten your suffering? Do you have the right to be angry for losing a loved one? Whom should you blame? Is it possible not to feel any pain at all?

These questions have no definite answer for only time can heal the deepest wounds. Like the gracious words of Sherrilyn Kenyon – “The worst wounds, the deadliest of them, aren’t the ones people see on the outside. They’re the ones that make us bleed internally.”

Acknowledge Your Emotion For The Loss

You must let yourself feel the pain, the hurt, the anger, the sadness, and the nothingness; for suppressing them will not help you heal and recover. Express your feelings out loud.

Talk with a family member or a friend. Pour out what you are feeling inside because sometimes saying it out loud can help you think clearly and lighten the heaviness you might be feeling. You may not get direct advice but it helps when you know you are not alone in the boat.

 Your Health Is Important

One ticket to a successful recovery is a healthy body. If you turn to alcohol, or worse- prohibited drugs, to cope with the grief, then this will only make things more difficult for you. You tend to become moody, irritable and unsociable; which neither helps you or your family. Find out more by reading this page.

Faith Can Give You Comfort

Believing that everything happens for a reason and is according to the Almighty’s plan, will leave you with lesser questions about the death in your family, while giving you encouragement to move on.

Prayers are the best way to give your mind peace and comfort your aching heart. No prayer has been unanswered, however, we might receive the answer in a completely different way than we expect it to be answered.

Support Groups May Help

Some people find support groups helpful. Talking to others who have been through the same ordeal and listening to how they managed the pain and sadness will give you an insight on how to cope up. Find out a support group near you at hospitals or counseling centers around your area.

Sell My House | Death Of A Loved One

Sell My House | Death Of A Loved One

When The Pain Doesn’t Subside

There is no shortcut in recovering from a death of a loved one. Grieving in itself is an emotional toxin that distorts both the mental and emotional state of a person. The more significant the loss is, the more difficult it is to move on.

Clinical studies have enumerated several effective ways to successfully deal with the death of a loved one. Among the numerous list is to free yourself from the things that could remind you of the departed.

Moving away for a month or two, or relocating permanently could help shorten the grieving process. Sell Any House is a home-buying company that has been helping homeowners get rid of unwanted houses in Los Angeles, regardless of its home value. One of the most common reason for selling is to recover from a loss.

Our company has helped families with a “sell my house” need for years by using simple and speedy steps that can be done in five days. We care for our clients and we understand how a change of location can help the bereaved family.

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