The 3 Things You Must Consider To Sell Your Los Angeles House Fast

distressed houses in LA CountyHave you recently found yourself needing to ‘sell my house fast in Los Angeles,’ for some reason or the other?

Whether this is a planned move that you’ve been working on for some time, and that time has come, or something more sudden has occurred that has thrown your life into a bit of a tailspin. As we all know, the properties we own often tie up more of our cash and net worth than any other asset. So, when we need to get out of these assets quickly, that often times presents a significant problem.

According to The Wall Street Journal,, at any point in time, there are nearly 5.5 million properties on the market. That’s a lot of property that needs to move, and if you are in a hurry, this can create a tremendous amount of stress.

Homes on the market are a combination of every scenario, from foreclosures, to inherited properties, to those whose owners have been relocated to other cities as well as many other scenarios.

Putting Your House On The Market Is A Gamble

And if you need your money fast, having your property sitting on the market can become a very stressful experience.

So when you start calculating the time it will take from the moment you find a realtor to list your house, then get the house inspected, fix any repairs, then keeping it in show-condition at all time, to any additional repairs requested by a potential buyer, this has a tendency to add a considerable amount of time and cost to the selling process.

So if this describes you, someone with a Los Angeles home that you need to sell quickly, we understand how difficult it is to have that capital tied up in a fixed asset without having the ability to liquidate quickly to get your hands on it when you need it most.

There Is An Expert Real Estate Team Ready To Buy Your Los Angeles House Fast

With that said, regardless of your reason for needing to sell your home quickly, many property owners are discovering a way to sell their homes faster than at any other time, and via a much easier process.

Regardless of your personal situation, our team of Real Estate Experts is available to help assess and purchase your house from you with no money out of your pocket now or upon closing. We buy houses in California free of hidden fees.

Experience The Relief Of Having Sold Your House And Seeing Your Cash In The Bank

If you’re personally in need to get that property sold “yesterday,” then imagine how you’ll feel when in as few as 5 business days you check the balance of your bank account and there it is, with zero closing fees and zero appraisal fees taking their respective bites out of your money before being placed into your hands.

Families all across Los Angeles are experiencing this same huge feeling of relief as they are engage in a new property sales process that is literally sweeping California.

And, as we’ve discussed, people in all categories of home sellers are taking advantage of this new and innovative sales strategy.

In fact, this is fast becoming one of the most desired ways to sell a property, as it eliminates a lot of the time-consuming bureaucracy normally experienced when using a traditional real estate agent.

But as we all know, time is money, so the longer folks have their properties sitting idly on the market, the longer they are left without their own money to use as they see fit.

So, let’s be clear, how could your personal situation change if you were indeed able to get out from under your Los Angeles property in a matter of days versus weeks or months?

The Three Steps To Selling Your LA House Fast

We have outlined 3 things you must consider if you wish to sell your house fast in LA. Take a quick read and we wish you the best as you move towards the next chapter in your life. If you are truly interested in getting this property sold ASAP, then take a close look at this list of action items.

Step 1: Tell Us The Details On your House

The first thing that you want to do is let us know about your property. Is a three bedroom, two bath cottage? Is it a condo in the up and coming, hip part of town? How is the overall condition of your property? Is there damage that needs to be repaired? Is the water heater about to explode or the fence that separates you from your crotchety neighbor falling down? Or perhaps you just recently remodeled the basement or added some other type of improvement.

Regardless of potential repairs, it’s important that you know, if you should decide to get our We Buy Houses LA team involved in your Los Angeles home sales process, you won’t have to spend a penny for any potential repairs.

Do you owe any money on the property? If so, how much? Are there any back taxes on the property that have created a lien? Again, not a problem, just outline the details.

Step 2: One Of Our Team Members Will Contact You Within 24 Hours

The next thing that will happen is a member of our Rapid Real Estate Buyer team will examine the information about your home and reach out to you to get any final questions answered.

Our team members are experts when it comes to Los Angeles real estate, the respective valuations, and through our years of experience, our team members have learned every way known to streamline this home selling process. Did we mention that Sell Any House pays for 100% of all repairs and closing costs? We buy houses for cash in California, with our biggest market being in LA.

Step 3: Receive A Fair Market Offer From Us In Writing

Finally, once our team has reviewed the details of your home and has gone over the valuation of the property, you will receive, in writing, a fair and guaranteed offer for your house. There is zero obligation for you to move forward, but all of the feedback that we are receiving within the Los Angeles area is that our offers are dominating the market with folks getting bids from competitors that don’t even come close to what we have given them – in writing.

So the obvious question at this point is, would it be helpful if we buy houses in Los Angeles quicker than you perhaps thought possible?

Would you like to see if this would even be possible, 100% risk free, and with zero obligation?

If your answer is a resounding “YES,” we can assure you that you’ll come away from the process having a clear outlook of what your property can sell for as well as a very specific timeframe of when you will have that money in your bank account.

Why Are We Helping You Sell Your House And Move On With Your Life?

SellAnyHouse Los Angeles is in the business of investing in properties all throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, it’s what we do. The more we buy houses in Los Angeles CA, well, simply stated, the more we end up adding to our portfolio.

This Can Be A Win-Win Situation For All Of Us

So, if ‘sell my house fast in LA’  is of any interest to you whatsoever, this works out to be a win-win scenario for all of us.

I want to make something clear here. This is not a veiled attempt to try to convince you of anything. We have a tremendous service that is literally taking off throughout all of the Los Angeles metro area, so if this sounds good to you, great. If not, we understand that as well.

As mentioned above, you have nothing to lose, you get a guaranteed offer in writing, and there is zero obligation to act on our offer.

However, We Don’t Work With Everyone

But, as you might imagine, we can’t intervene in every scenario. There are times that it just doesn’t make sense to get involved. 99% of the cases where a real person has a real property to sell, we can help.

So, if you would like to take the next step to see what your home is valued for and some additional insight as to how soon you could be out from under your property, simply fill out the form right now. We buy houses for cash in California with your best interest in mind.

Once we hear from you, we’ll be in contact to move things along.

Talk to you soon!


Wouldn’t You Like To Know?

It takes just a couple minutes to tell us about your house. You’re under no obligation to accept our fair deal offer, but wouldn’t you like to know?