>>>Smart Moves When Downsizing Your Houston Home

Smart Moves When Downsizing Your Houston Home

Whether you’re moving to a new community, to a spacious neighborhood in the suburbs, or just transferring to a house just a few blocks away; downsizing doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

While it is easier to just get rid of stuff you think you may not need or do not use much, the process of choosing which items to ditch is easier said than done. Many are downsizing not because they want to but because of certain factors such as the house value crashing, or they are financially strained, or simply part of a retirement plan.

There are a few things you can look in to to make sure a move doesn’t drain all of your strength and patience.

How To Avoid A Stressful Move

tips when moving to a smaller homeTime is your biggest foe when it comes to packing away the things you will be bringing with you when you transfer. You can save on both time and effort simply by following these easy steps.

Close Inventory

Before you start packing those big brown boxes with your things, ask yourself first: Which furniture will fit in your smaller house? Do you have too many books you’ll never read? Are the cupboards big enough for all your kitchenware? Do you really need that corner sofa, or an extra corner table?

By checking every item you currently own and assessing the gravity of its’ importance and use to you, determining which goes with you to the new house will be much easier. And in doing so, this will help you realize your needs and wants, the things you are dependent on to make your every day living comfortable, and the things you can live without.

Garage Sale and Craigslist

Downsizing 101

Now, why would you start selling things when you could hardly decide which ones to keep? When the though first occurred to you, “I know, I’ll sell my house!” it may not have sounded right at first. Letting go of your Houston home isn’t as simple as making eggs in the morning; you have to think it over, talk with your family, and think about it again (and again).

So to help you in your quest of moving on and moving stuff out… think hard about putting items on Craigslist or have a giant garage sale and make an exciting event out of it!

The spare china hidden in the attic, extra mattresses stashed in the basement, the decorative corner stand you aren’t really using but just adds to the list of things you need to clean; these items are perfect “garage sale finds” that just make people’s day.

Not only will you have the opportunity to meet some great people, see their excitement as they discover your hidden gems, but you’ll be able to make some money to help out with your upcoming moving costs. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Downsizing | How To Sell My House Houston

Downsizing | How To Sell My House Houston

Storage Space Is The Key To Downsizing

Smaller houses mean little space to work with. In your new home, make sure to arrange more space efficient storage areas. Several compartments under your bed, wall-mounted shelves, drawers below the stairs or under your tables; these simple makeshift depositories will keep things off the floor and out of your living space.

These tricks will help make a more room in a smaller house, therefore you can avoid feeling cramped in a home with limited space. This link will give you more tips on effective storage set up.

Downsize In Comfort

Now that a stressful move is out of the way, you may think the problem is solved. But what about the process of selling your current house? Have you listed it on the market through a realtor and is now waiting for a buyer to visit?

How long are you willing to wait? At SellAnyHouse.com, we make downsizing easy by buying your Houston house  in as little as five days. Get a fair cash-out for your property and move to your new home quickly, and most importantly – stress-free.

Learn more about our unique home-buying service by filling out our short form and telling us about your house. Don’t wait, get started now!

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