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Pre-Foreclosure | What Can It Do For The Owner And Potential Buyers

Pre-foreclosure | What Can It Do For The Owner And Potential Buyers

Home buyers are attracted to homes in pre-foreclosure because their selling value is often substantially lower than their market value. Aside from the fact that a buyer can buy the home at a discounted price, there is often little to no competition compared to multiple offers for other types of properties on the market.

Those properties are usually hot and crowd the popular listing sites. And because of lowered or discounted price, most buyers, especially those without experience, will choose cheaper mainstream houses without proper probing or thorough research. But before you get all excited to run out and snap up some great discounted properties, you need to know… the pre-foreclosure process isn’t as simple sounding as it is being advertised.

Why Houses Undergo Pre-Foreclosure

When a homeowner gets behind on several mortgage payments, the lender has the right to start the foreclosure process. It is not necessary for a foreclosure notice to be filed in public record, however, the notice of default will become a public record. Even with a default notice, the owner still has the option to make mortgage payments until such time that the payment becomes current.

However, if the homeowner remains in default without making any effort to bring the past due amount current, eventually the property will be foreclosed upon, and they get evicted. The house will be repossessed by the bank and will become a Real Estate Owned (REO) property.

Bank-owned houses offer great deals to home buyers because most banks want to sell repossessed properties right away. They’ve already spent so much on the foreclosure process, selling these properties as soon as possible will help them get back some of their investment, and do away with the hassle of maintaining the house.

Pre-Foreclosure vs. Short Sale

Houston sell my house fastIt”s a common misconception to say that pre-foreclosure is the same as a short sale. Although both include selling a home, there is a vast difference between these two.

Pre-foreclosure means an owner is greater than 90 days late on payments and lender has started the foreclosure process with a notice of trustee sale. While in a default status, an owner often isn’t ready to sell and move,” says Kevin Sucher, a realtor at Prudential Northwest Properties in Portland, OR.

While Cathy Baumbusch, a realtor at Re/Max Allegiance explains that, “Short sales are listed by a broker. In a short sale, the seller may wait months to receive an answer from the bank, and the bank may end up saying no, but will likely get the opportunity to have an inspection.” Find the professional explanation here.

When the lender or bank agrees to sell the house for a lower price, taking a loss, the property can be listed for sale right away. However, not all sellers are behind on payments. Some would choose to sell their home fast in Houston to relocate or move into a new place more suitable to their lifestyle. So, not all short sales fall under pre-foreclosure. At SellAnyHouse, we cater to homeowners in need of a fast sale, especially those who do not want to lose their homes due to several missed payments.

How Should Buyers Choose

Now that we’ve laid out the clear difference between the two, buyers have the option to choose which type of house could give them a better discount with lesser risks.

Both foreclosures and short sales present home buyers with a unique opportunity. Not only are these properties often sold at a discount, but the buying process can be more streamlined since the owner or lender wants a quick resolution.

However, just as with any other home, it’s important for buyers to make sure their investment is worth it. This means having the property inspected by a professional home inspector, especially since the majority of foreclosed properties are sold “as is.”

For individuals looking to speed up the home buying process even further, property auctions provide a great way to purchase foreclosed and short sale properties in a very short time frame. Not only do auctions offer the certainty of a target sale date, they also provide a level of transparency and straightforwardness that can be missing in other forms of home buying.

On the other hand, there is a growing alternative method in the real estate market that doesn’t require hiring and paying for a realtor. SellAnyHouse.com, a home buying company, has been servicing the Houston community for years, offering a practical and speedy solution to anyone who wishes to get away from a sticky situation.

We buy houses in Houston, TX in exchange for a fair cash offer. Learn more about us today and don’t miss the opportunity in Houston to sell my house fast!

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How Strong Is Your Home Structure When An Earthquake Hits?

How Strong Is Your Home Structure When An Earthquake Hits?

The ground beneath us has been moving since the beginning of time. Earth itself is a living planet, its inner core shifting from left to right, up and down, causing tremors to the surface ground. These movements, whether light or vigorous, create minimal to destructive effects on houses, buildings, and any other type of structure standing upright.

Houston we buy housesFrom a government earthquake report posted in March 2016, a total of 21 earthquakes in Texas were recorded in 2015. This is a comparably small figure to Oklahoma’s 888 ground movements in the same year, or to a whopping 1575 quake recordings in Alaska. Houston, Texas may not be as prone to this natural phenomenon as the other states with higher numbers, but it doesn’t mean everyone can relax.

News across the globe about earthquakes ranging from magnitude 6 to 8 has resulted to several deaths due to buildings collapsing, roads caving in, and sudden sinkholes appearing. Unfortunately, no machine or gadget has been able to predict the coming of an earthquake. The question now is how can you remain safe in your own home?

The Strength Of The Housing Structure

Some families, as a precautionary measure, would choose to sell my house Houston to relocate in a community with lesser quake movements and fewer natural disaster occurrences. While this is a good way to keep your family safe, it may be relatively impractical. Experts on structural issues would recommend strengthening the conditions of a house or building.

In Houston, we buy houses from families with difficult building issues. In as much as possible, we provide solutions and practical advice on the most common housing problems to homeowners who still wish to keep the property. Below is a checklist for an earthquake resistant house.

#1 Who built or designed the house? – Was it designed by a licensed architect? Was it built by a licensed builder?

#2 How old is the house? – The more recently the structure has been built, the better the chances more natural disaster precautions and updated best practices have been utilized in the planning and building… especially in earthquake-prone regions.

#3 Was the property damaged by previous earthquakes or other natural acts? – Has it been properly repaired? Has it been treated for structural issues?

#4 What is the condition of the property? – Are walls and foundations straight or curved and bulging? Has it been remodeled, expanded or extended?

#5 What is the foundation made of? – Were stones used or reinforced concrete?

#6 What about the house’s overall condition? – Do you have a fairly new house, newly renovated, twenty years or older, or has undergone several repair jobs?

If your answers to the questions in the checklist are leaning to the positive side, then your property should withstand minimal shaking of the ground. You can also consult a structural engineer to conduct a thorough inspection and provide expert input on improving the building structure of your house, fix existing structural issues or prevent a structural collapse.

Know That You Have An Option

Every family is allowed to settle in a neighborhood that can offer safety and comfort. If the news on any recent earthquakes and other disastrous occurrences near you has you concerned, or you are dealing with any kind of financial crisis you have the right to sell my house Houston any time.

SellAnyHouse.com will help you with speeding up the process of selling your property. Our process often gets completed in as little as 5 days without charging any closing fees. Therefore, you can rest well and avoid stress while you look for a new place to live. We make it simple, hassle-free, and fast.

We are a click away if you need assistance!

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How Not To Go Broke In Your Golden Years

How Not To Go Broke In Your Golden Years | Houston We Buy Houses

Cash, funds, resources, green backs – however you call it, money is the answer to everything. It is the key to anything, to every material thing that has ever existed in this planet. But like all things that come to an end, money isn’t unlimited like water in the ocean.

There is a limit to how much one can spend in a day, throughout the week, in a year, or over the course of one’s lifetime. This limit depends on the amount of cashflow an individual is earning or saving for current and future use. What happens then when one man’s needs exceed the money he has earned?

Houston we buy housesStatistics show that men are more likely to shop on Black Friday than women, with men spending an average of 3% more. Statistically, age also factors into holiday spending with those in the 50 to 65 year bracket spending nearly 75% more than those aged 18 to 25,” says Janet Fowler in an Investopedia post.

The statistics actually make sense considering that older people are more financially established and have savings that could support them throughout their retirement age. In Houston, we buy houses from homeowners who are about to move to smaller houses in preparation for their retirement. Now let’s talk about how not to go broke during these prime years.

How To Plan For Your Future Wisely

Don’t Dress To Impress

Having a new pair of shoes or a new tie or the latest style of overcoat to show off how successful you are isn’t really necessary. Being fashionable is not a sin, but overspending to the point of maximizing your credit card to sustain your fashion sense just isn’t practical.

The same principle applies to every little thing you purchase for the sake of showing off. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. If you have no use for it, sell it. You’re hitting two birds with one stone – decluttering while earning extra cash.

Learn To Say No

If a colleague invites you to join them for a gathering this Friday at a restaurant famous for its good food and pricey menu, learn to say no. When the only spare money you have is for bills due in a week, learn to say no. When your next paycheck is just enough to get you by until the next payday, with only a few hundred dollars to spare for pampering and small indulgences, say no to bigger expenditures.

If you can’t curtail overspending, you’ll get behind on payments, bills would pile up, and you might end up in huge debt.

Diversify Your Investments

Like most working professionals, taking an interest in investing is a way to multiply the amount of resources that you currently have. Instead of putting all your money in one place, break it down and invest in several markets and sectors. This way, if the market or business fails, you do not lose all your money.

There are more ways not to get behind on your payments and obligations, and stay clear of getting buried under huge debt. Educate yourself about these practical ways you can ensure you meet your budget now, and still have money growing for your future, so you wouldn’t end up contacting a company as a last resort to settle your debts.

Our team of professionals at SellAnyHouse.com has been in the real estate market for more than 10 years. We buy houses Houston and have helped people get out from under overwhelming unpaid bills and enormous debt. We offer a free consultation to anyone who is struggling with impending issues due to mismanaged finances. If you wish to talk to one of our real estate consultants for an expert advice, contact us right away!

You may find our simple and fast processing relatively helpful when facing a financial crisis. In Houston, we buy houses to promote positivity and financial relief.

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Avoid Depression When Dealing With A Divorce | We Buy Houses In Houston

Avoid Depression When Dealing With A Divorce | We Buy Houses In Houston

Marriage is as sacred and eternal as it is bound by a contract and in good faith. This is why the idea of separation is so mortifying, even when looking at divorce rates in America, and even across the globe.

It is a topic so commonly heard of but the people subjected to the process and those who have been through a similar experience can’t help but cringe at the idea.

In Texas alone, the divorce rate was 2.6 per 1,000 population by 2015, with Arkansas having the highest divorce rate in the same year. This is based on the data compiled by the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS), posted in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) official website.

houston home buyers investorsThis unfortunate phase in marriage often results in the division of property, the need to sell the Houston home fast, and the dread of having to go separate ways.

We buy houses in Houston fast to help homeowners take one burden off their shoulders. But before we go into selling a house, first we must take into consideration what one goes through when faced with a divorce.

Getting Depressed Won’t Help

The emotional impact brought on by a divorce, whether while going through the case or after the court decides, may be too difficult to set aside or ignore. The worst case scenario is for one of the involve parties to fall into a serious case of depression. There are healthier ways to overcome a divorce. Let’s focus on three doable coping up steps.

1. Acknowledgment and Acceptance

Don’t deprive yourself from feeling the emotion – pain, sadness, anger, feeling betrayed and sorry. It is normal to feel hurt and angry at first, it a common reaction. But don’t invest too much on these emotions, instead acknowledge them for what they are, understand the circumstances that led to the separation, and then accept the situation for what it is.

Don’t blame yourself or put the blame on others. Reflect on what had gone wrong and could have been done to rectify the problem. By allowing yourself to accept the reality of it, you can pick up the small pieces and bind them together so you won’t repeat the same mistakes.

2. Bounce Back and Breathe

Past the wallowing and grief, give yourself time to breathe. Instead of hiding away, try to reconnect with old friends or visit your family more often. A change of location can help you think less of what transpired before and during the divorce process. The purpose is not to drown in sorrow or self-pity, but surround yourself with supportive friends and family.

Bounce back! Participate in activities you used to do and the things you always love doing. If you are athletic and you love sports, you can join the gym or start training for local marathons. You can take swimming lessons or start painting. Replace the negative vibe with positive energy.

3. Create and Conquer

Be fearless. Find the strength within you to create a new path for yourself, the path to healing and starting over. It isn’t easy, but it’s never impossible. Take care of yourself, stay healthy in both mind, body, and soul. By focusing on you and keeping yourself fit, you can fight away depression. And the most important of all, learn to love yourself a little more.

There Is No Shortcut

We can never tell when one can completely move on from a painful divorce. It is evident in the number of ‘sell Houston home fast’ outcry from couples undergoing separation. We understand the urgency to sell house fast in Houston, therefore we have formulated practical, simple, and reliable fast home buying methods for a speedy transaction.

We buy houses in Houston to promote a timely and time-saving process in selling a property. We are a Houston home buyers investors ready to respond to anyone in need of a fast home sale.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you want to sell your house fast in Houston!

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Managing Your Mortgage Terms | Sell A Houston Home Fast

Managing Your Mortgage Terms | Sell A Houston Home Fast

Before you enter into an agreement to finance the purchase of your new house, you must take into consideration the terms included in the agreement. Nobody wants to end up with a bad mortgage later on whenever unforeseen circumstances come your way.

Entering into an unfavorable mortgage may jeapordize your ownership. Doing so can mean that you will need to look into how to sell a houston home fast.

In a distribution table presented by Matthew Frankel, it shows that 36% of American household had an average debt of $168,614 by the fourth quarter of 2015. That’s a projected 48.9 million household with a burdensome debt.

Although it isn’t necessarily a bad mortgage debt that make up the numbers,  there are households experiencing financial concerns due to payment terms that have gone from a sparkly start to a blurry in-between agreements. Learn how to avoid ending up with a bad payment plan.

Avoiding A Risky Mortgage Agreement

home buyers houstonBy understanding the agreement terms that may cause financial constraints on you, avoiding these type of settlement agreements could save you from experiencing one. It is important to know what to expect and learn the things that most lenders may choose not to include in their agreement clause.

The 40-Year Fixed Mortgage

Similar to a 30-year fixed mortgage loan, this type of financing assistance allows homeowners 10 more years to pay. The monthly payment will be the same for the next 40 years. However, the breakdown of how much goes to the principal and interest will change throughout the repayment period.

The majority of the payment for the earlier years will cover the interest fee while the principal amount will be paid off towards the end of the agreement.

The disadvantages are:

– You may be paying more on interest than the principal amount.

– Building equity is slow because most of the monthly dues go to interest first.

– Not all lenders offer a 40-year fixed loan.

– Families often refinance or sell their homes after a number of years, therefore forfeiting the purpose of this plan.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) has a fixed interest rate for a short initial term ranging from 6 months to 10 years before an adjustment on the interest can be made. The initial interest is called a teaser rate, which is lower than a 15 or 30-year fixed loan. The rate is adjusted periodically, could be once a year or every six months.

The disadvantages:

– The periodical adjustment might be a concern if you plan to stay longer.

– A lower initial monthly payment could mean higher monthly dues after the adjustment.

– Interest rates may increase significantly.

Interest-Only Mortgage

With this repayment plan, the borrower only pays the interest for the first 5-10 years, which is beneficial because it is usually offers low monthly dues while interest is being paid off. Most homeowners who plan to settle down for a shorter period of time see this as great opportunity to save.

The disadvantages:

– Higher monthly payment might be too expensive after the interest is paid off

– Little to none equity makes refinancing impossible.

– You end up paying more interest compared to a conventional mortgage.

By understanding the repayment terms and by knowing what you will be paying in the coming years, you have the chance to weigh both sides of the coin before deciding which term will work for you. In Houston, sell my house fast is becoming a trend for owners who might have issues with their property.

Yet this only applies to families who are about to buy their house through a financial loan. What if the property is already yours and is now facing a bad repayment plan, one you can no longer afford with your current cashflow? What if their has been an unfortunate incident leaving the bread-winner with a disability? What if even with the housing assistance offered by the government, the property is way below the “underwater” status?

This is where SellAnyHouse.com can help you. In Houston, we buy houses as-is, irregardless of its condition, location, or home value. We always take into consideration the financial difficulties every homeowner is experiencing whenever they choose to sell a house fast in Houston.

Get in touch with the best Houston sell house fast company that prioritizes providing practical housing solution before anything else. We only offer help without asking for a closing or transaction fee. Let us know when you are ready to sell my Houston home fast!


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Dealing With Disability | The Best Ways To Face Disability

Disability Claims

The Best Ways To Face Disability

In our lifetime, getting injured and becoming ill can happen several times. Work related injuries and illnesses are covered by the company’s health insurance, so one just needs to worry about recuperating and returning healthy again.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 4,836 workers died from a work-related injury in the U.S. in 2015, the highest since 2008. Nearly 20 percent of fatally-injured workers were employed in the private construction industry.

However, for injuries that are non-work related, the injured person must shoulder all the expenses of getting treated, the in between medication, and the after care. This is where filing for a disability claim will come in.

The Application Process

Houston sell house fastThe Social Security Administration (SSA) handles numerous disability claims each year, the claimants vary from young adults to old age. They provide benefits to people who can’t work because of a medical condition that could last more than a year or may result to death.

Find out who can apply for a claim from the official website of SSA. Here’s a list of qualified claimants:

  1. Are age 18 or older;
  2. Are not currently receiving benefits on your own Social Security record;
  3. Are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death: and
  4. Have not been denied disability benefits in the last 60 days. If your application was recently denied for medical reasons, the Internet Appeal is a starting point to request a review of the medical determination we made.

And here is what you will be needing when applying for a claim:

  1. Print and review the Adult Disability Checklist. It will help you gather the information you need to complete the application.
  2. Complete the Disability Benefit Application.

Also, here is a list of documents you need to provide along with your application form:

  1. Birth certificate or other proof of birth
  2. Proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status if you were not born in the United States
  3. U.S. military discharge paper(s) if you had military service before 1968
  4. W-2 forms(s) and/or self-employment tax returns for last year
  5. Medical evidence already in your possession. This includes medical records, doctors’ reports, and recent test results
  6. Award letters, pay stubs, settlement agreements or other proof of any temporary or permanent workers’ compensation-type benefits you received

But the SSA isn’t the only body you can run to when in need of a financial assistance due to a non-work related injury. There are other means to get yourself covered when unfortunate incidents occur.

The Disability Insurance

It isn’t just the government that can help you with your disability claims. There private sectors such as insurance companies that provides short-term and long-term coverage. And some companies have a disability insurance for all employees that basically works the same way.

Insurance Assistance Programs

A well-developed insurance assistance program for employees will motivate them to recover faster from their injuries so they can go back to work right away. In this program, some premium benefits are extended to the immediate family of the employee, which then insures security for the entire family.

Some assistance programs include counseling, parenting and information services, child and elder care, and so much more. Your company should invest in an insurance firm that offers more benefits for the employees.

Short-term State Disability Insurance (SDI)

Several states are providing short-term benefits for eligible state workers who are unable to work due to non-work related illness, injury or pregnancy. Some state insurance programs include a paid family leave where workers are given some time off to take care of a sick child, spouse, parent, parent-in-law, or a sibling.

A good example of SDI is the existing California SDI. Read it to find out more.

Dealing With Disability | We Buy Houses With Quick Cash

A Change In Lifestyle

If your injury or illness, or the disability of a member in the family requires a downgrade in your lifestyle, or if your current home is considered a bad neighborhood for the recovery of your health; let Sell Any House take care of the property you need to let go.

We have been with many homeowners in difficult situations who have been questioning “how to sell my house fast in Houston” in which we have taken immediate action to resolve their issues. Our strategic solutions are often patterned to meet the needs of our clients.

We can help you, contact us right away!

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4 Ways To Protect Yourself In A Bad Neighborhood

4 Ways To Protect Yourself In A Bad Neighborhood

There are many reasons we end up in an area which might be viewed as a troublesome neighborhood. It could be a limited income that doesn’t give you much room to choose, a recent development in the surrounding area that has attracted unlikely settlers, or going through a bankruptcy.

As there are reasons why one can end up in a bad neighborhood, there are also reasons to remain positive and take the situation in a better light. Staying alert can help you survive living in the area if transferring to a new neighborhood hasn’t crossed your mind, or if it isn’t possible, even if you want to.

When Do You Consider A Community Troublesome?

Houston sell my house fastTell-tale signs of a bad neighborhood could greet you in the open, or they stay hidden in the darkest alleys at night. Here’s a few things you can look out for to decide whether you and your family can still sleep soundly when night falls.

Pubs and Hubs

If you often see drunken stupor in the sidewalk or along the path you always take to reach home or the blinding neon lights and blaring music seeping through a poorly installed soundproof door, then this probably isn’t the best place to raise children.

Garbage Piles

Smelly, leaking, rusty, or old garbage bins invite rodents to feast and breed in them. These pests brings nothing but dirt, germs, and infestation in the nearby homes. If this is a scenario around your neighborhood, then the health risk can be alarming.

Abandoned Buildings

Regardless if it is a building, a house, or a couple of houses; abandoned buildings could mean several things. Either the mortgage is too expensive or local businesses aren’t thriving. Or there could be other serious reasons behind the abandonment.


Patrol car sirens screaming too often could only mean criminal activities in the area are rampant. This one isn’t just a case of bad neighbors, it may be a dangerous place to live in.

Will you stay despite proving that it isn’t the idea community to live with your family? If moving out isn’t a choice yet, what can you do to survive this harsh environment?

Staying Comfortable, Safe, and Alert

Just before thinking that the conditions are too drastic and too stressful for you, here’s a list of things you should be mindful about.

Get to Know your Neighbors

By identifying which is which, whom is who; it would be easier to find an ally and create positive relationship with the neighbors. Don’t start out with too much negativity. Give them some consideration.

Build rapport and initiate small talk to the people living near you or the ones you often meet when going to and coming back from work. Be friendly but still mindful of any possible threat.

There is Power in Numbers

In as much as possible and if you can avoid it, try not to walk alone at night, especially in less crowded places. A rise in criminal activity should cause alarm. And you should not present yourself as a possible target for the law breakers.

If you need to walk, walk with a group. Don’t give them the idea that you are a vulnerable target. Stay in the confines of your car or take a cab when you’re alone. Don’t take risks when your safety isn’t fully guaranteed. Stay alert.

Arm and Protect Yourself

We aren’t talking about bringing guns and knives here. This about the little harmless things that can give you protection such as the trusty pepper spray. A dog is a good companion when you’re walking alone and a helpful friend when there is possible danger. No one would want to get bitten by a protective dog.

Investing on an alarm system for your home will ensure your family’s safety. It may be too costly but think about the long term security a high quality alarm system can do for you in this type of community.

Don’t Be Too Suspicious

Believe in the saying that there is good in everybody. Don’t be too suspicious and judgmental, unless there are remarkable, alarming signs. You may end up with more misunderstandings than creating favorable relationships with your neighbors.

Reserve the right to be cautious but don’t over react. Who knows, the community might be a much more livable place despite its flaws if you see potential good in a seemingly bad neighborhood. Read more here.

Sell My House To Leave A Bad Neighborhood

Your Escape Plan

When crime rate is on the rise, shooting incidents have come closer to your doorsteps, and noisy next door neighbors just wouldn’t tone down, prepare an escape plan.

If you wish to move away from a bad neighborhood, Sell Any House might be of great help to you. We cater to all homeowners with a “sell my house in Houston” query. Our fast home buying methods are centered on providing relief and solution to home sellers who just need to escape a nightmarish community.

Let us know whenever you need help, in any neighborhood!

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How To Handle The Emotional Weight Of Bankruptcy

There is no material thing in this modern world that you can not associate with money. In the fast and developing cities and towns, money could mean achieving your goals or desperately failing to succeed in life.

How To Handle The Emotional Weight Of BankruptcyBankruptcy, in simple terms, means inability to pay debts. Car loans, bank loans, mortgages, and property taxes are some of the major source of debt pits for most Americans. According to debt.org, in 2005 alone more than 2 million cases were filed (and the number just keeps increasing each year).

It isn’t the lack of experience in handling finances or pointless spending that causes bankruptcy, it is the unexpected financial difficulty. Low income earners who lack the capacity to handle sudden major expenses such as high medical bills or costly extensive repairs often fall to this pit.

Finding Applicable Ways To Manage The Emotional Toll

The shame one faces when filing a case doesn’t only affect one person, it’s the entire family that suffers the consequences. So instead of going to court for Chapter 7 or 11 Bankruptcy, homeowners would rather opt in downsizing their property than face the shame.

The existence of We Buy Houses companies make this step a lot easier and hassle-free. Sell Any House, the leading innovator of the as-soon-as-5-days process in selling Houston houses fast, has satisfied many homeowners by providing easy, breezy house sale. Get a guaranteed fair cash-out for your home right away.

However, if your case has been filed and already in progress, the greatest ordeal you have yet to face is the emotional toll this unfortunate situation will bring with it.

Acceptance Not Resentment

The key to surviving the emotional stress in dealing with bankruptcy is to accept the situation, see it for what it is, and don’t get stuck in distress. It can be likened to a child losing his favorite toy or a teen having her first heartbreak. The grief can be overwhelming, but if you learn to accept it, healing will come next.

When you start seeing the situation as a small bump on the road, you can focus more on finding better ways to resolve the situation which does not involve losing your property. It will keep your mind focused on the work that needs to be done.

Hold The Flame, Do Not Blame

Although you can not control the economic stability or factors outside of your scope, the elements that were in your possession and in your control must be accounted for. If the investment you made didn’t grow like you hoped it would, don’t pass the blame onto others when the investment lacked proper study on your end in the first place.

Again, bare no blame on the things you couldn’t control. However, use this opportunity to reassess your priorities and consider a change of lifestyle. You don’t necessarily need to change, just set your focus on the things you have control over and do it right next time.

We Buy Houses Houston | Battling Bankruptcy

We Buy Houses Houston | Battling Bankruptcy

Fundamental Emotional Support

You are never alone. When facing a massive financial problem, it helps when you have a solid support system. It could be a team of people you trust in your business, a group of friends whose expertise can offer great input in resolving your situation, or your family who knows you well and whose love and understanding will keep you at peace.

Surviving emotional toll is better handled together. When you know you are not alone, you are most likely to feel empowered to work harder.

Are you in a state where you can’t decide whether to sell your Houston house to financially stabilize? Do you want to avoid getting the bankrupt tag? Sell Any House might just have the perfect solution for you. Tell us about your house by filling out a very short form. We’ll get back to you withing 24 hours.

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Smart Moves When Downsizing Your Houston Home

Smart Moves When Downsizing Your Houston Home

Whether you’re moving to a new community, to a spacious neighborhood in the suburbs, or just transferring to a house just a few blocks away; downsizing doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

While it is easier to just get rid of stuff you think you may not need or do not use much, the process of choosing which items to ditch is easier said than done. Many are downsizing not because they want to but because of certain factors such as the house value crashing, or they are financially strained, or simply part of a retirement plan.

There are a few things you can look in to to make sure a move doesn’t drain all of your strength and patience.

How To Avoid A Stressful Move

tips when moving to a smaller homeTime is your biggest foe when it comes to packing away the things you will be bringing with you when you transfer. You can save on both time and effort simply by following these easy steps.

Close Inventory

Before you start packing those big brown boxes with your things, ask yourself first: Which furniture will fit in your smaller house? Do you have too many books you’ll never read? Are the cupboards big enough for all your kitchenware? Do you really need that corner sofa, or an extra corner table?

By checking every item you currently own and assessing the gravity of its’ importance and use to you, determining which goes with you to the new house will be much easier. And in doing so, this will help you realize your needs and wants, the things you are dependent on to make your every day living comfortable, and the things you can live without.

Garage Sale and Craigslist

Downsizing 101

Now, why would you start selling things when you could hardly decide which ones to keep? When the though first occurred to you, “I know, I’ll sell my house!” it may not have sounded right at first. Letting go of your Houston home isn’t as simple as making eggs in the morning; you have to think it over, talk with your family, and think about it again (and again).

So to help you in your quest of moving on and moving stuff out… think hard about putting items on Craigslist or have a giant garage sale and make an exciting event out of it!

The spare china hidden in the attic, extra mattresses stashed in the basement, the decorative corner stand you aren’t really using but just adds to the list of things you need to clean; these items are perfect “garage sale finds” that just make people’s day.

Not only will you have the opportunity to meet some great people, see their excitement as they discover your hidden gems, but you’ll be able to make some money to help out with your upcoming moving costs. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Downsizing | How To Sell My House Houston

Downsizing | How To Sell My House Houston

Storage Space Is The Key To Downsizing

Smaller houses mean little space to work with. In your new home, make sure to arrange more space efficient storage areas. Several compartments under your bed, wall-mounted shelves, drawers below the stairs or under your tables; these simple makeshift depositories will keep things off the floor and out of your living space.

These tricks will help make a more room in a smaller house, therefore you can avoid feeling cramped in a home with limited space. This link will give you more tips on effective storage set up.

Downsize In Comfort

Now that a stressful move is out of the way, you may think the problem is solved. But what about the process of selling your current house? Have you listed it on the market through a realtor and is now waiting for a buyer to visit?

How long are you willing to wait? At SellAnyHouse.com, we make downsizing easy by buying your Houston house  in as little as five days. Get a fair cash-out for your property and move to your new home quickly, and most importantly – stress-free.

Learn more about our unique home-buying service by filling out our short form and telling us about your house. Don’t wait, get started now!

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4 Rules To Help You Save For Retirement

What is the best age to start saving for your future? When is the best time to plan your retirement? Why should you consider planning and investing for the later years of your life?

Questions tend to arise when one thinks about the future and what it holds for you. Yet so little importance is given by younger adults to the benefits of having a stable, well planned  savings. The monthly amount you set aside now, no matter how little, will be your lifeline when retirement comes.

Starting Early and Plan For Retirement

According to Time.com, 1 in 3 Americans, or 33% of the working population, have $0 savings… and 23 % have less than $10,000 in savings.

Retiring soon? Start planning now!Like many other things we SHOULD do, it’s very easy to gaff off things that won’t affect us until the future. But very quickly that time will be upon us, so it’s critical we start thinking about these things early.

How You Can Start Saving Today

  1. Make it a habit.

    Should you start on setting up your savings plan, opt for an alternative insurance plan, or settle with handling your own finances yourself; make it a habit to always consider your long term goals. But if you are already saving, make it a habit, it is a rewarding practice.

2. Devise your plan.

Tailor-fit your current needs and your retirement goals. Retirement can be expensive. Experts have estimated at least 70 percent of your current income should to be put up in your old age plan in order to keep the same lifestyle even after you stop working. There are several courses available in print and online which provide helpful tips and guides for better planning steps.

3. Cooperate with your employer.

If your employer offers a 401(k) plan, sign up and contribute as much as you can. This will help lower your tax dues, while your company might contribute more on their part. The accumulated amount on the tax deductions will show significant numbers in the coming years.

4. Open an Individual Retirement Account.

When you open an Individual retirement Account (IRA), you can put up a set amount each year. If you are 50 or older, you can put up even more. Granting that you have the appropriate finances, an IRA can provide a much easier way to save. The U.S. Department of Treasury will help you set up an automatic deduction from your checking or savings to your IRA.

How Can You Safeguard Your Plan?

Now that your best savings action plans are put into better light, one important factor is left untouched – your capacity to go through with the plan until it comes time to retire. Unforeseen circumstances could cause you to delay continuing your existing plan, or even prevent you from following it all together. Worst case, you may end up having to use your retirement savings on something else of more immediate importance.

What options must you consider? Perhaps downsizing your property and liquidating your assets now will help you cut down on your expenses. A lifestyle change may also offer help in improving both your short-term and long-term finances.

Benefits To Downsizing Your House Now To Make Retiring Enjoyable Then

Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live lower than how you have been living before. It simply means taking a long break from the stressful and busy work life.

With less income, a mortgage payment may be an option you won’t be able to afford. Selling assets is a great way to provide for your retirement, especially if you’re starting this plan later in life.


Sell My Houston House | 4 Things To Consider When Retiring

Sell My Houston House | 4 Things To Consider When Retiring

When it comes to downsizing, SellAnyHouse has helped many homeowners in the Greater Houston Area in selling their houses fast. A quick home sale could save you time,  alleviate the delay in your retirement plan, and there is a guarantee that you will have a fair cash-out for your property. 

Now downsizing shouldn’t be a pain. It can be a luxury you can freely afford with the help of a trusted home buying company. Sell your Houston house fast and get the best retirement package that will fit your preferred lifestyle. Read through our website and discover how we do extensive market research on your home before before we put together a fair market value offer for you.

We don’t worry about what shape your house is in, if it needs repairs, or if it needs a complete overhaul. So we don’t want you to worry about that either! We’ll take care of everything. And to make sure you don’t have to spend another dime on your house, we don’t charge any closing fees when we solidify the sale. This is all about you getting the cash out of your house and putting it to better use. 

And the best thing? Most of the time you can have that cash in your bank in as little as 5 days. So you can start that retirement fund immediately!

Learn how we buy houses Houston and how we can help you turn your home into a liquid asset.

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