>>>4 Preventive Measures To Avoid Extensive Home Repairs

4 Preventive Measures To Avoid Extensive Home Repairs

4 Preventive Measures To Avoid Extensive Home Repairs

When was the last time you spent several hundred dollars on small repairs for your home? How about extensive repairs like plumbing work on leaking pipes or overall work due to peeling paint and cracked walls?

Just like keeping your car well oiled and thoroughly cleaned, house maintenance requires dedication, patience, and a capable pocket. But as your house lives through seasons, deterioration comes like a thief at night.

Some homeowners are forced to leave their homes because the restoration bills just keep piling up. Either going for the traditional method of selling your home or with the help of a real estate investor, the house must go.

Before you’re left with a decision whether to sell your Dallas house or keep investing in extensive repairs, check out these preventive measures that you can perform yourself.

The Perfect Preventive Maintenance Guide For Extenspreventative maintenance can keep expensive repairs at bayive Repairs

By performing these simple, cost-free maintenance checkups, you can avoid the hassle of unnecessary spending. Although the checklist below does not cover everything, it will you give you a good place to start!

  1. Avoid Costly Roof Replacement

A loose nail or screw, or a small tear on your roof could only cost you a few hundred dollars, something any repairman could easily fix. But this is only effective if the problem is spotted right away.

Experts say a typical American homeowner, over time, spends at least 1 percent of the property’s total value each year on maintenance and repairs. This is why inspecting the condition of your roof every six months is recommended. By doing so you can immediately spot small problems and prevent it from getting worse and dealing with extensive repairs.

2. Avoid Sewage Backflow

Sewer pipes can get clogged up by tree roots, a lump of garbage, or even mud. In some cases, when pipes break because from the pressure, it can cause flood or sewage backflow, which spells trouble for you.

Aside from the possible health threat a clogged sewer may pose, the repair job cost may reach up to several thousand dollars. This isn’t spare change lying idly in your back pocket.

Conducting an annual inspection is the best preventive way. You may also want to consider looking into a water and sewer line insurance to prepare for the worst possible scenario.

3.  Avoid Structural Damage

One of the most destructive forms of life on the planet are termites. When a single termite finds its way into the inside walls of your home, the swarm will almost immediately follow. Imagine the horror of finding these pests growing in number at the expense of your lovely home.

The best preventive measure to take is to be vigilant of the signs that could pinpoint termite infestation. These are:

1. Buckling wood
2. Swollen ceilings and floors
3. Termite dung
4. Visible mazes within walls
5. A scent similar to mold

4. Avoid In-House Flooding

Water heaters are dependable and durable equipment invented to make everyone’s life comfortable. Without a routine inspection at least twice in a year, system issues can go unnoticed.

If pipes starts to leak or burst all of a sudden, it can flood your floor or ceiling – or both! The damaged due to a single broken pipe might require extensive repairs and replacement. Extreme heater failure cost has an average of $4,000 according to disastersafety.org. So this one preventative check twice a year has the potential to save you a hefty penny in the long run.

Checking For Possible House Issues Is Not Easy

Bi-yearly maintenance on our homes is not an easy task! First, it requires crawling in, on, or under spaces and places most of us would prefer not to! Next, searching for any possible signs of any problem takes patience… a once-over is a waste of your time and effort. And the most difficult one… remembering to actually DO the maintenance checks twice a year! It’s very easy to put things off, but then as the months roll by, your chances for an issue to crop up increases. Is it worth it to gamble and let the next day pass?

Sell My House Fast Due To Extensive Repairs

Sell My House Fast Due To Extensive Repairs

What Happens When You Find a Large, Costly Repair Is Imminent?

It’s bound to happen sooner or later. But what do you do when you encounter a repair that is just too large to bite the bullet and do?

We recommend sitting down and calculating how much you’ve already spent in repairs in recent months. You need to take a good look at the facts. Is your house coming along in age? Has it already had many problems and will probably continue to have more? Or is this the first really big repair required? How much can you afford to spend right now, is this something you’ve budgeted for?

Many people throughout Dallas-Ft. Worth have been facing the exact same issues as these. But when the thought of selling the house is most likely off the table because of all the required repairs, many give up hope. 

That’s why we recommend giving our Rapid Real Estate Buyer Team the opportunity to analyze your home and give you a fair market offer to buy it from you. We assume responsibility for all cleanup and repairs… and you don’t have to pay any closing fees. It’s been likened to a miracle by a couple of our past clients! The opportunity to get out of a bad situation and come out with cash in hand is very exciting to many people considering selling their houses. And even better, our process is very straight forward and very fast. Most clients have the cash deposited in their bank in as soon as 5 business days after we make our offer. Yes, it can be THAT fast!

Learn more about how fast we buy houses in Dallas, Texas!

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