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Thank You – We’ll Talk With You Soon 2016-12-12T18:22:02+00:00

Thanks! So, What’s Next?

Congratulations for telling us more about your house and taking the first step!
Once we get the email we’ll dive into it, and we’ll give you a call within 24 hours so we can get any final bits of information on the house we need so we can make you a FAIR ALL-CASH OFFER this week.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions. And, make sure you have your phone near you in the next 24 hours because we’ll be ringing you to get a few more details so we can make you a fair offer asap.

Have questions? Great. We’re glad you do!
Here’s a few answers to common ones.


Do you buy any type of house? 2016-12-16T14:50:45+00:00

SellAnyHouse.com buys all types of houses, no exception. We understand that there is a reason for homeowners to sell their houses. Our purpose is to offer a sustainable solution to alleviate your distressed situation.

We don’t require major repairs, quick fixes, or landscaping beautification before we buy your house. No matter what the reason is for selling, we will take the house as-is in order to help you with your financial challenges.

How does SellAnyHouse.com house buying work? 2016-12-16T14:52:00+00:00

At SellAnyHouse.com we like to keep things simple and easy. Once you contact us by filling out the request form, we will reach out to you within 24 hours. One of our Rapid Real Estate Buyers will set an appointment with you at your most convenient time to ask a few questions about your property.

We will study the information you share with us and conduct advanced research before we come up with a fair offer. You can get a guaranteed fair cash-out for your home generally within business 5 days after we agree on a deal.

Walk away with money in hand and let us take care of your house for you.

How high is your offer? 2016-11-24T15:21:29+00:00

Before an offer is presented, we take into consideration several important aspects of your property. We have property and real estate experts who will personally analyze the data you shared with us and we base the price offer on several factors including the following:

  1. The physical state of the house.
  2. The current location.
  3. The market value within the area.
  4. The longevity of the house in its current condition.

In every offer, we guarantee a fair cash offer. We always aim to provide solutions to your property problems in the most satisfying manner.

Are you serious about buying my house, or just listing it online? 2016-11-24T15:21:23+00:00

That’s a great question. Yes, we are serious about buying your house. And no, we are not affiliated to any realtor. We invest in buying your house so we can help you with your financial challenges.

Can you really buy my house fast? 2016-12-16T14:54:35+00:00

We want you to take advantage of our services and get cash fast. In as little as five days, get a fair valuation of your home and cash in your bank. There is no need for you do anything else than to set aside a few minutes of your time to discuss your plans and consider our offer.

Once you decide to take us up on our offer, the cash will be deposited into your bank account according to a timeline you need. Most of the time this can be done in as little as 5 business days. You are guaranteed that there will be no hidden charges, closing fees, or any form of unnecessary fees.

Where do you buy houses? 2016-12-15T18:20:37+00:00

Our unique method of buying houses is spreading throughout the US like wildfire. We started in Houston and Dallas in Texas, Los Angeles in California, and New York City in New York… and we are expanding every month! And the cities are all very diverse and exciting. Click here to learn their city facts and information.

Will I be charged any fees? 2016-11-24T15:20:56+00:00

No. We will not collect any form of fee from you. We know that you need the money so it would be against our goal to help resolve your financial challenges if there will be a transaction fee. Everything is hassle-free, stress-free, and cost-free.

Do you work for a real estate agency? 2016-12-16T14:58:33+00:00

SellAnyHouse.com is a group of property investors willing to buy houses regardless of its condition, reason for selling, or current location. We do not get commissions from buying your house.

Unlike working with a real estate agent, who will likely ask you to wait for 4-6 months to find a prospected buyer for your house, our methods of buying are straightforward, simple, and fast. You can get a fair value of your home in as little as five days!

Do you only buy houses? 2016-11-24T15:20:42+00:00

We generally buy houses. But we also buy townhouses, farmhouses, condos and land. There is no exception. If you turn to us to help you with your housing problem, we will happily provide an appropriate solution.

Am I obligated to sell my house when I fill out the form? 2016-11-24T15:20:34+00:00

Filling out the form simply means putting in some information about you and the house you wish to sell. Once the form is submitted, you will be providing us with the details to contact you so we can talk. You are in no obligation or contract at all.

I still have unanswered questions! 2016-11-24T15:20:25+00:00

We will happily answer all of your questions about selling your house to us. Fill out the form below or go to our contact page and let’s talk!