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Los Angeles, CA: An Independent City

Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles transporation Red Line is a charter city, in which the governing system is defined by its own charter document. They aren’t governed by state, provincial, regional or national laws. The local government can adopt or modify the existing charter through its administration as established by the charter. On June 8, 1999, the current charter was adopted and has since then been amended several times.

Based on the ratification the voters made in 1999, a system of advisory neighborhood councils was created. This body represents the diversity of shareholders, basically these are the citizens who live, work, or own a property in the neighborhood. Currently, there are about 90 neighborhood councils in Los Angeles, CA.

News And Current Affairs

One way for the citizens to get updated information about the local news is through print. The L.A. Times is the major daily newspaper in L.A. Because of its diversified multicultural population, there are other leading daily newspaper companies printed in different languages. La Opinion targets the Spanish-speaking locals, and Korea Times for Korean-speaking citizens.

The Chinese has their own localized paper, The World Journal, which serves as both the city’s and county’s major Chinese newspaper. The Investor’s Business Daily on the other hand, is distributed throughout its Los Angeles corporate offices.

A great number of smaller regional papers, alternative weeklies and magazines within the metro provides consumers options to chose from. In addition to the multi-lingual major print outlets, local periodicals cater to immigrant communities in their native languages such as Korean, Persian, Japanese, Arabic, Armenian, and Hebrew.

Print isn’t the only dominant media outlet in the city. AM and FM radio and television stations are a great source of information, news, and entertainment for the people. Here a few of the leading TV stations:

  • CBS
  • NBC
  • The CW
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • FOX

Transportation And Railways

An extensive system of bus lines, subway and light rail lines across the Los Angeles Valley is operated by the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The subway system is considered the 9th busiest in the U.S., while the light rail is ranked second across the country. Subway lines are determined through different colors, Red and Purple; Gold, Expo, Blue, and Green for light rails. The rapid bus transit uses the Metro Orange and Silver lines. The Metrolink commuter system links L.A. to all surrounding counties and suburbs.

Cultural Museums

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

This museum is currently under construction which is scheduled to open in 2018. It will contain more than 290,000 square feet of state-of-the-art galleries, movie theaters, exhibition spaces, special events spaces, and educational areas. The sole purpose of this institution is to devote time and recognition in exploring and curating the history and the future of the moving image.

African American Firefighter Museum (AAFFM)

Fire Station No. 30 is a historic fire station in Southern L.A. The building is now the African American Firefighter Museum (AAFFM).

The place features vintage fire equipment and apparatus, photos of pioneering African American firefighters, history and memorabilia. Other items displayed inside the old fire station are photos, artifacts and memorabilia of other African-American firefighters, the officers, and the notable women who were fire service professionals around the country. The institution is open to the public, running strictly on volunteering and donations.