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New York City | Multi-Cultural Land

famous Charging Bull of Wall Street in NYCThe City of New York is currently the most populous city across the entire United States. With a land area of 305 square miles, the population bloated to an estimated 8,550,405 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. NYC holds many title names and recognition such as:

  • A global power city
  • Capital of NYC metropolitan area
  • One of the populous urban agglomerations
  • An important center for international diplomacy
  • The global cultural and financial capital
  • The commonly photographed metropolis in the world
  • The most economically powerful capital
  • The leading financial center of around the globe

The 5 Boroughs

The metro is consist of five boroughs belonging to five separate county in the State of New York. These are Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Queens – consolidated as one city in 1898.

The metropolitan area is primary gateway for legal immigration to the US. Approximately 800 languages are spoken, making it the most linguistically diverse place around all over the globe. Before the 1965 amendment, a policy on national origins formula limited the number of immigrants and naturalized citizens for people from places outside of Western Europe.

Most Popular Places To See

According to a blog posted on nycgo.com, Lower Manhattan is must-see: Lower Manhattan is perhaps most famous for Wall Street, but the neighborhood is about much more than finance. The area has seen some of the capital and the nation’s, greatest triumphs—the inauguration of the country’s first president, the founding of its first bank—and some of its greatest heartaches.

But in true fashion, Manhattan has emerged stronger than ever and now plays host to world-class cultural attractions, a thriving restaurant scene and scintillating shops. Stone Street is bustling these days, offering all kinds of sustenance: thin-crust pizzas and expense-account lunches, glasses of 1990 Bordeaux and happy-hour margaritas.

The neighborhood’s bars and lounges are loosening ties and pulling in fashion types. And everyone continues to throw elbows to score discounted designer duds at shopping mecca Century 21.

Manhattan Chinatown

Bordering the Lower East Side, Manhattan houses a great number, probably the largest domain of Chinese people at the Western Hemisphere. With an estimated 90, ooo Chinese settlers, this Chinatown is among the oldest Chinese domain across U.S.

Several large Chinese supermarkets are spread throughout the neighborhood. In August 2011, inside the district of food and grocery shopping of Manhattan’s Chinatown, NYC Supermarket opened on Mott Street. It is mainly dominated by Cantonese speaking Chinese, mostly coming from the different regions in Guangdong, a province in China.

Wall Street

The length of only 0.7 of a mile in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District, Wall Street activities have been synonymous with the financial well-being of the United States as a whole. The bronze statue of the Charging Bull has also become synonymous with Wall Street and the aggressive financial spirit that floods the length of Wall Street.

Fire and Rescue

The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) provides emergency medical services, primary response to biological, chemical, and radioactive hazards, and provides fire protection to the entire metropolitan area.

FDNY is the largest firefighting department within the United States and ranking second around the world, following after Tokyo’ fire department. The headquarters is located at 9 MetroTech Center in Downtown Brooklyn while the FDNY Academy where new firefighter recruits train is on Randalls Island. Three Bureau of Fire Communications alarm offices receive and dispatch alarms to appropriate units within the metro.