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History of Architecture: Houston Texas Reaches To The Sky

new architecture in downtown HoustonNamed after a popular general at the Battle of San Jacinto – Sam Houston – and co-founded by Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen, Houston is the principal city of Houston Texas metropolitan area.

Short History of Land Holdings in Houston TX

The Allen brothers purchased 6,642 acres of land along Buffalo Bayou with the intention of founding a city. On June 5, 1837 Houston was incorporated as a city with James S. Holman as the first mayor.

Architectural Display On Skyscrapers in Houston Texas

Simply defined as tall, continuously habitable buildings with multiple floors; skyscrapers are the modern castles of the metropolitan cities. The cityscape of these urban cities are often defined by the numerous high-rise buildings that mostly houses the business, residential, and commercial body of the progressive economy.

Also known as The Woodlands, the area has some of the most popular and distinguishable tallest buildings in the country.

The Neils Esperson Building in Houston TX

The Neils Esperson Building is the only tower in downtown to be called the complete example of Italian Renaissance. Built in 1927, and its complex building, the Mellie Esperson Building in 1941; the intricately designed building was the masterpiece of the theater architect John Eberson.

Neils’ wife, Mellie, had the the first building constructed for her husband where his name was carved on one side of the building, in large letters above the entrance. Rumors of the of the buildings being haunted by Mellie’s ghost existed according to USA Today.

In 2007, Seligman Western Enterprises Ltd. bought the Esperson buildings from Cameron Management Inc.

The JPMorgan Chase Tower in Houston Texas

The PPMorgan Chase Tower is a 75-story five-sided skyscraper on 600 Travis Street in Downtown Houston, Texas. It is currently ranked as the tallest building in the city and in Texas, as well as the tallest five-sided building in the world.

Originally built as the Texas Commerce Tower between 1979 and 1981, the building was developed as part of the partnership between Khalid bin Mahfouz and Texas Commerce Bank.

A panoramic view of the the city can be seen while taking the express elevator within the building, thanks to its wide glass spans and thirteen-foot ceilings.

Williams Tower

Houston TX Skyscrapers

Commonly referred to as the Transco Tower, the Williams Tower is a 64-story class A office tower situated in the Uptown District of Sugar Land. This 1.4-million-square-foot office building was designed by New York-based John Burgee Architects in association with Philip Johnson.

On August 1981, the building construction began and by the December the following year stood one of the significant skyscrapers in the state.

At night, Williams Tower can be spotted right away due to a 7,000 watt beacon that sweeps across the sky, which can be seen up to 40 miles away on a clear night. The building itself, along with its remarkable beacon serves as a landmark to easily identify the Uptown Houston district.

Heritage Plaza

Standing at 762 feet with 53 floors, Heritage Plaza is an office and restaurant building located in the Skyline District of downtown Houston, Texas. While 5th on the list of the tallest building in Houston, it is in the 60th spot across the United States.

Heritage Plaza in Houston Texas is a popular commercial building for two reasons: (1) built on the center of the central business district and (2) the stepped granite feature on the top of the building, resembling the Mayan pyramid.