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Finding The Best Furniture Shops In San Antonio Texas

Are you a fan of old, brassy lowboy dressers often seen in the movies? The intricate and stylish woodcraft pieces were a huge favorite in the 18th century. Do you like those divan couches which are often spacious, comfortable, and provides more room for more people to sit on? They’re classy and aesthetic which can give your home more character and volume.

Or maybe you are a fan of modern furniture design, bordering between contemporary and modernism. Do you prefer clean and unadorned furniture designs that uses natural materials such as wood, leather, and linen? Depending on your preference, San Antonio has stores that can satisfy your every curiosity.

Which Furniture Shop To Visit First?

San AntonioChoosing the right pieces for you home can be made easier with the list of furniture shops you can find in San Antonio, Texas. Whether you are visiting its famous tourist destination spots or looking for new things in town as you try to settle in, check these shops that will surely be worth your while.

Furniture Now

Furniture Now is a family-owned furnishing store located in NW Loop 410 street. The family has been working in the industry since 1914, and with over 100 years of experience, customers can count on them to provide with nothing but the best. This proud local company strives to provide high quality products at reasonable prices so anyone can afford to furnish the home of their dreams.

Customers who shop at this furnishing store will see a diverse collection of brand name furnishings in different fashionable styles. Their existing collection is extensive and customers are exposed to items that could furnish an entire house, both inside and out.

Big Grass

Big Grass was established in 2006 as a destination oasis to share eco-friendly cultural treasures, those that were made with natural and recycled materials put together to make functionally clever pieces. “For generations, people in developing countries have used, reused and re-purposed natural resources. Their work proves that furniture and accessories can be sustainable, expertly made, stylish and functional, and still affordable. That’s what Big Grass is all about.” — John Hanesworth, Co-Founder and Co-Owner.

It is the only US source with two hand-crafted bamboo furnishing lines and is the only US supplier of the rainwater harvesting jars called Ong. Customers can request for customized orders even with a hard-to-find materials. The people behind Big Grass work closely with artisan vendors that uses old techniques in home decor craftsmanship. Visit their website to find out more.

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Furniture in the Raw Inc

Furniture in the Raw Inc was established in 1977. It’s a one-stop shop for tourists and locals alike who are looking to find beautiful but affordable pieces. There are mainly four categories of the types of furnishing they offer:

For the Bedroom there are different kinds of beds – all wood, storage-type, Murphy, cabinet type, fold out type, and more. For the Kitchen and Dining they have dining and gathering tables, servers, buffets, hutches, and kitchen islands. For the Living Room they showcase entertainment centers, TV stands, coffee and sofa tables. For Home Office Desk and Bookcases they offer All wood bookcases in all sizes, desks, desk chairs, and file cabinets.

You can check out their showroom on Babcock road in San Antonio TX or visit their Austin store.