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Beautiful Lakes and Parks in Dallas TX

Fishing at White Rock LakeSurrounding yourself with the beauty of splendid scenery and natural sights is known to have a calming effect. The greenery view plus the cherry scent of flowers in bloom helps relax the hustle and bustle of Dallas TX right off!

Busy city life makes us try to cram more work, errands, driving in our days. It’s just a fact of life nowadays. Little attention is given to relaxation and rest which quickly causes tension to pile up. Stressful days often lead to a stressful life.

Prevent stress from overpowering you. Hands off those keyboards, push yourself up from the desk, and take that step out of the room. Stop short for a quick check on these spectacular places within the Dallas-Ft Worth area.

White Rock Lake in Dallas Texas

As it was written in history, there was no White Rock Lake. Instead, the land was made up of several farms owned by the Daniel and Cox families. According to the Family Bible of Thomas Walker Daniel, he and wife Frances moved to White Rock in the late 1830’s.

When the civil war ended, Daniel’s son had a friend named Cox whose family had just moved in to White Rock, settling on the land adjacent to the Daniel’s farm.

Construction of the lake begun in 1910 when water shortage became a problem in Dallas Texas, and was soon completed on 1911. After damming the White Rock Creek, White Rock Lake reservoir was formed in the north-east Dallas TX. Water coming from the reservoir supports 1,254 acres land in the east Dallas community.

Residential houses increased around White Rock Lake, which prompted the local government to develop the very popular municipal park on the lakeshores.

Bachman Lake is A Dallas TX Beauty

Covering 205 acres of land in northwest Dallas TX, Bachman Lake is a small freshwater lake. It was constructed in 1903 by Bachman Branch as the primary source of water for Dallas, but as it turned out, the lake was too small for the community’s needs.

Right after the construction of White Rock Lake, which became the primary source of water for most of Dallas TX, the lake is now being used as a recreational area.

Construction surrounding the lake is now very popular. DART Rail has begun the construction of the new Orange Line at the western end of the lake. The rail will carry area residents to and from the DFW airport.

Bachman Lake is available for fishing and sailing, and is regularly stocked with catfish for locals and tourists to fish.

Dallas Arboretum | Gardening in Dallas TX

In a 66 acre botanical garden at 8617 Garland Road in East Dallas in Texas, rose the Dallas Arboretum. In it is a series of gardens and fountains overlooking the White Rock Lake and the downtown Dallas TX skyline.

The majority of the land once belonged to Rancho Encinal, a 44 acre estate built for geophysicist Everette Lee DeGolyer and his wife Nell. Mrs. DeGolyer was known for her immense interest in flower gardens.

In September 2002, Arboretum facilities were expanded for the opening of the new visitor’s center. It consists of a meeting room, gift shop, patio area overlooking White Rock Lake and a gift shop.